Years Later

Time flew by. Jane and Samara grew up and opted for different career options. Their relationship had its own set of highs and lows like any other but they would always stick to each other. The only time they were separated was when Samara got married to the love of her life. Little did she know how things would shape thereafter.

 Excited Bridesmaid

Jane was super excited about Samara’s wedding. She made sure her elder sister faced no last-minute chaos and everything went on smoothly. They color coordinated their outfits and were having a gala time. Samara knew with Jane by her side, she need not stress about anything as her sister would manage everything. Surprisingly, when it was Jane’s turn to get married she did not show the same trust in Samara.

Save The Date

After four years of Samara’s wedding, in the year 2018, Jane broke out the news of her dating a guy named Allen. The duo was very much in love and wanted to tie the knot. Samara was over the moon to realize that now her younger sister would also cherish her marital phase. The wedding date was finalized as 1 August 2019. While the family was ecstatic about the whole thing, as the wedding date came closer, the tables turned.

My Turn

Jane did her best bit at her elder sibling’s wedding and now it was Samara’s turn. Samara always had motherly instincts for Jane. To her, she was more of her kid than her sister. She had a lot of dreams associated with Jane’s wedding day. Unfortunately, none of her dreams turned into a reality as Jane did not let her become a part of her special day.

Tough Phase

Samara in the last few years was going through a very tough time. Though she had a supportive husband and a caring family, she and her husband had been trying for a second baby, but they couldn’t conceive one in the last three years. She was mentally and physically exhausted, she needed to feel good and cheer up and try not to stress. But, she got another reason to stress over.

An Opportunity

For Samara, Jane’s wedding was a good opportunity to distract herself from all the mental stress and anxiety she had been going through. She would now be busy preparing for Jane’s wedding, shopping for her white gown and what not. And while doing so, something happened which broke her.