Wise Advice

They have been friends since childhood. Her best friend knew her very well and the fact that once Casey gets stubborn about anything, no one can change her decision. Alex’s reputation was of a mature and wise man and she didn’t want Casey to take any wrong decision in the heat of the moment. Casey’s best friend gave her the best advice she could think of that moment.

Before It Gets Worse

Casey’s best friend asked her to wait right there and assured her to get back in a moment. Trying to hide her tension she got back in the hotel room where everyone was looking at her to know what was going on. She said everything’s fine and under control. She started searching for something here and there. She took what she was looking for and ran outside.

Just A Call Away

Her friend returned to Casey who was on the verge of crying. She handed over Casey’s phone to her and asked her to make the call. Casey understood in one go what she whom she was pointing at. She too knew this would be the most relevant thing to do at the moment. And dialed Alex’s number.

The Comforting Voice

When Alex saw Casey’s name on the screen he understood something wasn’t right as they were not supposed to talk before the wedding. Adding to it was the fact that Casey has never been the one to break rules. Once said, she used to take everything seriously. Casey started with an apology that she knew it wasn’t the right time but there’s no one else who could help her. She talked to him about her fears and Alex was surprised to know what was going on Casey’s mind.

A Reminder

Alex reminded her that they have been together for six years. According to him, he had no doubts that she was the one for him and he would keep her happy. His words itself were assuring for Casey. After a few minutes, Casey made an unexpected statement and hung up the call. Wondering what was it that she said?

Silence Before The Storm

Casey said to Alex to stop as she’s feeling better now. She teased him that if he says all the good stuff on the call then he might not have anything left to say at the altar. They laughed and kept the phone. Casey’s friend was finally feeling happy and couldn’t wait for her bestie to get married.

Little did they know that somehow Casey said just the right thing on the call and Alex will never be able to say anything while at the altar, not the vows at least.