Imagine you were, at last, planning your much-awaited dream holiday, and when you were just about to take off, a gang of police officers surround your partner and arrest him for possession of some illegal substance. Confused? Lost? Broken? Scared? Of course, anyone would be. Life will suddenly go on an unexpected journey and everything would seem difficult.

Yew Kar Yee, a 20-year-old woman had to experience this misfortunate event in her life. She was leaving for a vacation with her boyfriend and at the same moment, cops surround him. This was just not all when she was crying for help, a pilot turns towards her and what she witnesses next was the least expected. Probably even in her dreams, she would have never thought of something like this.

Much In Love

Yew Kar Yee, was 20 years old when she started dating Cheung Chan Choon who was 30 years in age. As for the couple, it was an instant connection they felt with each other. Yew was an immature and kiddish one while Chan was a perfect blend of calm, composed and understanding guy. They knew that this contrast of personalities is what makes them an idle couple.

Eyes Met

Yew and Chan first time met via their mutual friends. A common friend had organized a party at which the duo exchanged the looks. The moment Chan saw Yew, he knew that she is the one he had been waiting all long for in his life. Though they shared a very small talk that night, Chan knew what he needs to do next.

A Cup Of Coffee

Chan arranged for Yew’s contact number through his friends and invited her for a coffee. Surprisingly, Yew too showed her interest and readily agreed for it. The duo met over for a coffee and shared a great conversation. Yew recalls that they talked for 3 hours, continuously giggling and laughing.

Celebration Time

The duo was dating since long, and that Christmas was around the corner, they decided to go on for a vacation. This trip would mean that they both could spend some quality time together, something they don’t get much in their ever so busy and hectic schedules. However, Yew never knew that this vacation would not go as planned.

Off To Singapore

Yew and Chan had planned out a trip to Singapore. Not only was this place unexplored to them, but a lot of their friends resided there as well. And as it was Christmas, nothing could have been better than celebrating it with their friends in a land of wonder. As the days were approaching near, Yew’s excitement hit the core. Little did she know that it was going to be a trip she’ll remember all her life.

The Airport

Yew and Chan double checked their lists and were making last-minute notes of the things they were yet to pack. After hours of packing, they were ready to leave for Sultan Azlan Shah Airport that serves Ipoh which is a city in the state of Perak, Malaysia. While they packed their bags, they didn’t realize that the misfortune had also packed its bags to come along with them.