What’s That?

Brodie recalled, “It was bobbing my rod up and down. It was also quite heavy and felt like a really huge fish.” The boy had just begun fishing and he had managed to find something. Brodie at the same time was worried that the weight of the catch might snap his rod. “I was so scared that my rod going to break and snap.”

Not A Fish

What came out was not a fish. It was nothing they could have ever expected coming out of this lake. Whereas Brodie looked confused, his uncle had his jaw dropped. At first, they could not make out what was that but as the object came closer, they realize it was something unbelievable. 

Old Bag

It was a leather shaped object. The thing that came out was an old bag. Ben recalled, “He gets it to the top of the water, all of a sudden I see it’s a purse. I said, ‘Man you ain’t caught no fish, you caught a treasure!’”

Inside Out

Not only that, the bag looked quite heavy which meant it had some contents in it. Curiosity had taken over Brodie. He wanted to know what was inside that leather bag. So he opened it up. However, he could not go through the contents all alone. The boy called in his uncle on finding the things.   

A Mystery Item

The moment Ben took the bag in his hand, he realized that it was a very old purse. The purse looked old and tatty but he figured its real age when he found something sliding out of it that went on to reveal its content. Even though the bag remained in the water for a long time, it was whole and intact.  

A Look

They flipped the purse open and got a look inside it. Well, the purse was full of random items. They could not recognize some of the items inside the purse. But he went numb when he found this particular thing in the purse. He felt as if his heart had skipped a beat.