The Word

Walter was very eager to go back home and carefully study the entire flag. He did not let Lanie shop anything else either from there. The couple reached home and the very first thing they did was spread the flag over a table. And the very first word that caught their eye was, “Lance Corporal”. And with this, an all-new mystery began to set the stage.

Lance Corporal

Lance Corporal is a specific rank amongst the Marines. It is assigned to many military arm forces worldwide. And as Brown was a part of the army once, he could understand that this flag belonged to some army official. But then what was it doing there in the flea market? He continued studying the flag and the next few words he read, made him take a decision.


The ink on the flag was due to the various messages scribbled over it. One of the messages read, “Hey CHEEKS, wherever you are, make sure you watch over us.” While another one said, “Fred, you were a good Marine and we will always remember you,” Every message was addressed to a person named “Fred”. Who was Fred? What was this flag doing in a garage sale?

An Intervention

Walter had no clues what all these messages meant. If this flag had belonged to Fred, it must have been something really special as people had written over it. And finding a national flag that too, one that’s addressed to someone in a garage sale was something strange and unacceptable. Walter calls his son-in-law who was also associated with Marines to know about this mysterious flag.

What A Find

Brown’s son-in-law came to have a look at his in-law’s find. And when he saw the flag, he was totally baffled. The only question he had for Walter was, “Where did you get this from?” And when he heard that this flag came from a flea market he was shocked. He told them that this is a “Tribute Flag”, something holding a lot of importance in a corporal’s life. Where will this revelation take this flag to?

Rightful Owners

Walter’s son-in-law further told him that this tribute flag had been signed by other corporals and army men who would have been a member of the same unit as Fred. This was a tribute to the lance corporal Fred who had passed away. Brown was deeply saddened to hear this news. Now the only question Brown had was about the rightful owner of this flag.