Army Background

Walter Brown had served the country for a reasonable time period and had a little knowledge about the U.S Marines. Moreover, his son-in-law was also a part of the army. As he was an ex-army officer, patriotism had always flown in his veins. And with such a profession, it was impossible for his eyes to not find a flag at the flea market.

The Flag

Walter’s concentration was kept undisturbed by an American Flag. Amongst the many flags kept there, he was drawn to this one in particular. And when he unfolded this one, a shiver ran through his body. While this flag looked different from others, it at the same time deeply saddened him. Why so? What was so particular about this one?


The flag had many writings scribbled over it. However, they were not anything usual but something unlike. When Walter read a few of those, he knew he had to buy it. Though Lanie did not appreciate the inked flag much, Walter was sure that it was worth buying. And then came the most important question. The flag’s cost.


Walter was expecting that this distinctive piece of cloth would cost him a good fortune. After all, it appeared to be extraordinary. He was preparing himself for a bargain, and when he asked the price for the same, he was surprised. He had never expected to hear this.

Only $5

Initially, Yahne praised the flag’s price to be $15 as all other flags in the stack costed the same. But when she saw that the flag was badly inked she reduced the price to only $5. As she was busy with arranging her stall, she forgot to look closely at those writings. Had she seen it carefully, she would have never given it for $5.

The Marines

Walter was excited to buy the flag. The search for something unique at the flea market was over. However, Brown had never thought that a flag would compel the entire Marine army to step at his place. What was so strange about this flag that the Marines decided to have a word with Brown?