A Lonely Cat

The cat that they met was named Yuuki. She was a female kitten covered in silky black fur. She was a stray cat that had been taken in by the APL. That was the place she stayed in waiting patiently to find a suitable adopter. So when they reached, the first thing that Max and Erin took note of was how lonely she seemed. She stayed in her crate and looked as though she felt out of place there.

Fitting In

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Max and Erin did not have any expectation when they went to APL. They just knew that they wanted to get a cat that they had a connection with. Max immediately got the sense that this cat was the one for them, and even his mom Erin agreed. So after deciding that this cat was who they wanted, they got done with the paperwork and brought Yuuki home. As expected, she fit in perfectly with the duo.

A Cute Pair

So when they took home Yuuki, everything was well and good. She was happy to be with them and so were they. However, the initial plan when they adopted Yuuki was so that the cat could serve as a companion for Erin when the time came for Alex to leave. But as fate would have it, the cat ended up forming a strong bond with Max. You could even say that Yuuki the cat was obsessed with Alex, following him everywhere.

Dark Waters Ahead

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And to make it even better, the love was reciprocated equally. Even Max was crazy in love with Yuuki. He loved to spend every waking minute with her, too. “Max has always felt connections to any animals he was around,” revealed Erin. The kind of relationship that the two formed was truly something worth watching because it was pure love. But in the coming future, everything was about to change.

Time To Leave

The 3 of them had a special bond and their chemistry was truly undeniable. But after six months passed following the adoption of Yuuki the cat, Max had been called to join boot camp that had to take him out of state. When he was getting ready to embark on his new journey, Max or Erin did not think about their cat. They had not anticipated just how much it would affect their lovely kitty.

Acting Out

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Since the three were so tight, it was clear that Alex’s absence was going to affect the other two to a great extent. And obviously, Yuuki the cat felt very lonesome and alone once again. Alex and Max had never expected that their adopted cat had been this attached too him. Never in a million years did they think the cat would act out in a strange and unusual manner after his departure.