In life, we never really know what other people’s intentions are. Those whom we consider good friends may sometimes turn out to be very bitter while the people whom we thought were never good people, turn out to be the absolute best. We often find ourselves uncovering such surprises. If animal channels or videos have taught us anything, it is that some animals are just not meant to be friends with each other. Well, even in the animal kingdom, we have this preconceived notions as to which animal gets along with which and those that do not. Have you ever thought a wolf and a tiger would ever become good pals? Well, these two prove that they can get along and that two predators from completely different species can become close.

Small Tiger Cub

Most of the baby animals we see are cute and adorable. Whether it is a puppy or a kitten, animals, when they are little, are most definitely lovable. So although tigers may grow up to be one of the most ferocious predators when they are still small in size, Bengal tiger cubs are the sweetest thing ever! The little cub in the above photo is actually a rescued animal that was saved by an organization called “Tigers”. This little cub was lucky enough to meet an unexpected best friend at the facility he was placed in.

Adorable Howl

When we think of wolves and tigers, we know that they are from two separate species. The tiger belongs to the cat family while the wolf belongs to the dog family. And as we all know it, cats and dogs are known to be sworn enemies in the animal kingdom. It turns out that the Tigers association happened to have a baby wolf that was born during the same time the little cub was welcomed. It was a major shock for everyone to see how both reacted to each other the first time they met.

Unexpected Friendship

The rescuers then made a decision that they would try and keep the two together. This was mainly because they feared that the two would get too lonely if they stayed alone for a long time. It was a high risk for everyone as their decision could also end up with a very tragic ending. But to everyone’s surprise, the baby wolf and the little tiger became quite fond of each other when they first met each other. They were quite friendly with one another, and this was not all that happened. Will they remain ‘best friends fur ever’?

Natural Enemies

These two may have forgotten the fact that tigers and wolves are natural born enemies! They should just write a book on ‘How To Get A Best Friend’! It is rather funny to see that these animals that are born into two different species have forgotten the memo that they are supposed to be unfriendly. These predators both love to hunt and rule the jungle they reside in, but these two cuties do not have a clue about this. They seem to be having a lot of fun together and they are proof that anyone can get along if they remain positive.

Cutest Friends Forever

Even though they have a lot going against them, the tiger and the cute little wolf became the best of friends. And although it was a little confusing and scary for the rescuers to introduce the two together, it all paid off in the end. They were all very happy to see that the little cub and wolf could find a companion in one another and distract themselves from feeling lonely as they are both motherless. Would you be able to contain yourself and not hug or pet these two if they were in your presence? If there was a review of best friends, they would most definitely top the cute list.

Size Advantage

The little timber wolf is currently a little bigger than the cub. However, we all know that this is soon going to change when nature has its way. The tiger is definitely going to outgrow the wolf one fine day because we all know that an adult tiger is way bigger than an adult wolf! The rescuers felt as though the size difference between these two would become some sort of problem but then this turned out to be false. The cub and baby wolf have debunked all of this in the cutest way possible.