Having a child is a beautiful experience for some. But sometimes kids are separated from their parents and siblings and it is almost impossible to imagine what a family would go through if that child was stolen from them, kidnapped.

It happened with a family and who came to their rescue after more than three decades? The answer is astonishing and hopeful. For 37 years,the family did not forget about their lost child and tried everything to get her back.

Reminiscing One Summer NightDiane Drinkwine Story

Just like all other days, Steve Inman’s baby was 2 months old and his wife, Donna had taken him to bed, but Steve was still awake. Like most nights he thought of the tragedy that had struck his family a long time ago. He spent some time wondering if he was ready to go down the memory lane and then decided to go there even if he wasn’t, it was an incident he should not be allowed to forget.

 Opening A Box

Inside his closet, in his current residence in Fontana California, kept safely was a box of old family photographs which Steve decided to explore, again. On top of that, he found a picture of his younger self and he could not contain the involuntary smile that graced his face as he noticed that his baby boy had the same round ears as he did, even their lips were similarly shaped. But that wasn’t the reason why he opened the album.

A Forgotten FaceDiane Drinkwine Story

In the album, Steve rediscovered the old pictures of his mother, how she was as a young girl and woman in South Korea. Then came the picture of his elder sister settled in a meadow, who was no longer a part of the family, who disappeared even before he was born. She was 8 months old in the picture. Where was she now, was she even alive?

Bond That Could Have BeenDiane Drinkwine Story

He had not met her, ever. However, both their childhood pictures were similar. But he thought every day what it would have been like to have her in his life. It had been 37 years now since she was lost, he didn’t even know if she was still alive, and even if she was, he could not think of ways to find her. Where to start looking. She didn’t even know that she had a younger brother. Or did she?

How Did It All Happen?Diane Drinkwine Story

An American soldier stationed in South Korea, Steve Inman Sr. fell in love with a Korean woman named Chum Ku Yi. After a small period of courtship, they got married. They were happy together and Chum got pregnant but when it was time to deliver her baby, they could not get to the base hospital soon enough. 


Since the couple could not get to the base hospital in time the delivery of the baby took place in a village called Chang-mal. The couple was happy with their baby girl, who was named Sally by them. They were settled in rural Korea for the time being and raised their daughter with the help of an old woman they thought they knew. But this went on only for 8 months.