The Danger Increased

Pedals’ videos were becoming the most entertaining ones on the planet. What people never understood was the fact that this unwanted attention will destroy the bear’s life eventually. Someone even started a Facebook page with the name “Pedals, The Walking Bear”. But soon Pedals’ was about to get vanished without any signs.

Earned A Reputation

People even fed him, keep food for him outside their homes where Pedals used to take a walk. They all wanted him to keep coming back and make people laugh as he did before. Pedals was always minding his own business but as we said before some people were focusing on Pedals instead of minding their business. 


One unknown day Pedals stopped showing up. He usually used to appear somewhere in New Jersey every other day. But this time, days and weeks passed by but Pedals wasn’t seen anywhere. Where was he? Was he in trouble?

Health Issues?

As we told you that Pedals health wasn’t good either. So, was he sick? And maybe he went far off New Jersey which is not so obvious as black bears love to stay in their known areas. They’ll travel for food but Pedals was getting enough of it in the town. Or was it more than his health something serious? 

Possible Dangers

Pedals, the walking bear was missing from the streets and from his favorite parks where he regularly used to come for a walk. Well, once his story came into the limelight many zookeepers were interested to get him, also hunters were keen to focus on this bear. When the news channels shared the possible outcomes with the people of New Jersey they were just praying that the walking bear was doing just fine.

A Team Effort To Make Pedals Famous

The New Jersey folks who made Pedals the center of attraction were now regretting as they understood how much danger this might have brought upon the careless walking bear. This was unwanted attention and now everyone wanted to see this walking bear in person. But he was nowhere.