University Project

The team consists of the best researchers, historians, and divers. Together they set off to make history. The mission was guided by Yan Yüzüncü Yıl University, where this team was researching about underwater excavations. Little did they know that soon the team would be the one to make history.

Let’s Dive Into It

The team was ready to make history. They made sure that they had every technology so that they don’t face any obstructions in their mission. Finally, the team was ready to put all their research in one place and actually find out what this place was hiding. This place is filled with so many legends that make every researcher fascinated by it.

Reaching The Place

The team finally reached the place and was ready to explore the lake. Before that, they had to be sure what all places were marked by the other researchers and what all places had been left by these previous scientists. As we have already to told you that this lake is really huge and there was numerous spot that was still left unmarked and this team knew that they had to check them all one by one. And then they found it!

Marking The Locations

Each diver was given different spots to explore so that in less time they could explore the maximum numbers of spots. But the problem was that the lake was really big and deep. The average human can only go 130 feet underwater. And don’t forget the high salinity level of the lake which was a problem in itself. 

Something Blur

One of the divers saw something inside the lake but because it was dark they couldn’t see anything. Can you guess what would have been the first thought inside that diver’s head? He thought that it was the lake monster. He didn’t wait and left the scene. He went back to the team and told them about his discovery. The team was both excited and afraid. But they had to see what it was and then the team went deep inside again to find out the truth.

Complete Shock

The divers went again to the same spot where they spotted something and when they reached closer to it they discovered a lost kingdom beneath the surface of the earth. The team couldn’t control their excitement because they knew what they have discovered. It was the first time that this lost kingdom was found. They had something else in their mind instead they found a 3,000-year-old building. But the golden prize was just around the corner.