The Monster Myth

The monster of the Lake Van hit the national news in 1993 and the news continued till 1995 and there is a time when people still talk about it the way we are doing it today. Though there have been few sightings of this so-called monster swimming in the lake, nothing can be said for sure. But 1997, Unal Kozal, a teacher at van University claimed that he took a shot of this mysterious creature swimming inside the water. But did you know that this monster wasn’t first sighted in 1993?

The Lost Fact

The Saadat newspaper which was active in 1889 reported an event about a big monster who dragged a man into the lake while he was doing wudu (cleaning oneself before praying in Islam). But the main question is where is this monster right now? What happened to this monster? Though the legend about the monster of the Lake Van was really famous, the team of archeologists was behind something else. They knew about the lake monster but it was something else they wanted to find. Just imagine the excitement, one lake, and two mysteries.

What Happened To The Monster?

As we have already you that the outlet of the lake has been blocked due to ancient volcano eruption which took place some 2 million years ago, the idea of some mysterious huge creature entering the area was very thin. Maybe that creature was already there and due to the blockage, it couldn’t move out. Even today, there are some who believes that the monster still lives deep inside the waters. But is it even possible?

Unliving Feature Of The Lake

The waters of Lake Van is very saline, due to which, no aquatic animal is able to survive inside the waters. Also, Lake Van is larger than Loch Ness which has a capacity to host plesiosaur and thinking about a monster inside the lake seems right at some point. But the main problem is, the Lake Van has a very little aquatic life due to the level of salinity but you can’t just ignore the fact that there could be a monster who would have learned to survive in an environment as the Lake Van has. But who could have thought that the team would find something else more interesting than this monster?

600,000 Years Old

Why do the scientists believe that there must have been something lurking in the depths of the lake? It was all because of one reason which was the age of the lake. As we told you earlier, the lake was 600,000 years old and scientists knew that if investigated properly they might be able to find it. The team was on the scene and soon they would meet that one life-changing moment.

It Could Have Already Been Discovered

The investigation which was done in the 50s and 60s didn’t have the latest technology which we possess today. Even if they would have tried to find something deep inside the lake the chances were really thin. But then this team was destined to find it and they did. They found the most amazing thing of this century.