So Many Things

Arthur’s circle was only going to widen in the coming centuries that enfolded the tales of the Knights of the Roundtable and the love affair of Lancelot and Guinevere. The legend of the holy grail originated from the court of King Arthur that was started by French Chretien de Troyes, a poet.       

Camelot Ever After

There are many poems describing the magnificent court of King Arthur and there was one more thing that they recount excitedly i.e. Camelot, Arthurian capital. The roundtable that itself began after many legends and romances were held in this area and the fortress is also known for housing mysticism. That is the very reason the place is considered the most ideal place present in the world. They started searching for the Camelot from the 15th century only. Finding the place made up a different story.     

The Cursed King

Arthur is known as one of the prominent personalities of early British history. But surprisingly, there is no mention of King Arthur in history. There is no trace of him before or after the Norman conquest that took place in the 11th century. But there is one Arthur that once was there. Henry VIII was one of the most renowned British kings in past. However, the throne did not belong to him as he had an older brother named Arthur who had to wear the crown. But the sudden death of Arthur made other monarchs not to christine this name to their children.       

Teasing The Truth

There have been many stories associated with the legend of Arthur but not all of them are fact-based. Some are the result of fabrications too. So, distinguishing between the factual and fabricated story is not an easy task. This was indeed going to take lots of time for historians. When the group of experts went through the archives, they found something very interesting. Long before Geoffrey of Monmouth had put the whole story of Arthur in public dominion, the Welsh poetry had described a heroic personality that resembles a lot with the Arthur. 

Pieces Of Character

Scholars wanted to get to the bottom of the truth. In the process, they found many sources that were presumed to be lost forever. This is true that the experts’ studies so far evinced that the allusions related to King Arthur started cropping up much before they had thought, there have been some records written a long time after the transpiration of the event.         

Warrior Or King?

Arthur is known for having significant military chops. Keeping that in the mind, there are some theories that assert that Arthur was not a real king and that he was just a leader of a group of warriors. Then there was a faction who maintained that legendary Arthur was no one but a mixture of many historical British figures who battled against the Anglo-Saxon attack after the collapse of Rome. Some believed that Arthur was from Roman origins. However, these all were just assumptions with no concrete proof. The historians needed evidence to put their faith in one of them.