Technology Advancement

It was then they switched to the hi-tech radar scanning system. This definitely was going to increase their chances of discovering antique as it gives a more accurate result. So how does this work? Well, this device transmits soundwaves miles beneath the ground that comes back to the device detecting large thing buried underground.          

A Mysterious Discovery

A short while after they were done with the implementation of the radar scanning technology, they witnessed something very interesting. The site was indeed holding centuries-old mysteries. They spotted a large oval shaped thing tucked deep under the ground through the hi-tech radar device. Whereas the device was showing it clearly, there was no trace of it on the ground. Had they not taken help of radar they would have never found out about the artifact. Years of hard work was finally going to be paid off. They stared at the sonar image in order to make out what is it. And finally, they did…..       

Who Were Vikings?

But before delving into this intricate yet interesting discovery let us find out more about Vikings who made this finding so special. Vikings were at the tip of their popularity from 790 AD to 1130 AD. It was an ancient group of people that resided in most of Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, and Norway). Essentially, the Vikings were a blend of rural tribes that came together to create a loosely woven society that later on transformed into something more prominent. ‘Viking’ is used for the act of raiding/pillaging. And this is what Vikings were principally famous for.       


What comes to your mind when you think about Vikings? Perhaps, cruel barbarians who had the sole job of plundering everything coming their way. Well, this could be true to some extent there is a lot we don’t know about this group. And as the new artifacts related to them are being discovered nowadays, a lot of new facts about their society have come up. Though many of them were involved in the robbery there was another faction that was very dynamic.     

The Quiet Life

The evidence found till now clarified that the Vikings were a rural settlement. Unlike popular belief, the Vikings had permanent villages for themselves and were not used to of living in mobile camps all the time. They used to move from one place to other only during battles. They were primarily an agricultural society with fixed beliefs, principles, and rules that they used to follow all their life. They built houses to live in, designed farms to work on and even owned town halls.      

Female Fighters

Whenever the Vikings used to go on war or on a raid, they would open their ranks for all the village people. Everyone who was physically fit and was willing to partake in great battles were welcomed. Those who participated in the war were given the privilege to possess whichever land, rewards, and riches they liked. The Vikings seemed to have broad mind as they even allowed admission of women among their ranks. However, not many people dared to go there.