No Calls

Thomas who has already put so many efforts and energy in making the house perfect was sitting in his office waiting for the confirmation from the other side. It was almost a week and there was no response from the family. But Thomas was a very patient man and he tried to be as calm as possible. So he waited…
If he would have known what was going inside the family heads’, he wouldn’t have been wishing for their phonecall that day.

The Next Morning…

Thomas thought about the family and they were no more interested in renting his French apartment but then the next morning he got a call from the family telling about how they wanted to shift the next day and everything was in order. When Thomas thought he won’t be hearing from the family anytime soon, he was really happy to hear that this perfect family would finally move in. But they shouldn’t have. Soon, Thomas would find himself in the middle of the disaster that would change his life forever.

Moving Day

Moving Day

Everything was set, the family was waiting outside the house and beside them, there was truck loaded with all their stuff waiting to get empty. Soon, this seemingly ideal family would move in Thomas’s apartment. The boxes were inside lying on the floor of the house. Thomas gave them the keys to their new house and said his goodbye. The family closed the door and Thomas forgot to give them the paperwork and went back to the door. He knocked it twice but nobody answered, surprised, he thought they might be busy in shifting and he continued on with his day.

Where Is The Rent?

It was now four months after the family had shifted in the apartment. Thomas who was busy with other works was unable to meet the family as the told him that they would directly transfer the rent money into his bank account. But when Thomas checked his account there wasn’t a single payment in his name from the family. Thomas initially thought it was a mistake from the back end as the family he believed wouldn’t do such things. But he had to be sure because it was a good sum of money that was pending.

Banking Mistake

Thomas didn’t want to disturb the family, so he checked with the bank people first about any pending payments that they might have stopped due to some reasons. Thomas was also a family man and money is something that everybody needs to survive. After four months he was in huge distress as things were getting really heavy on his pockets. The customer care service told him that there were no such payments made on his name. Thomas who was already frustrated was very angry after hearing it.

Calling The Family

Thomas was a reasonable man. Just like the tenant family, he was also a family man. He didn’t want to sound rude as he thought the family might be going through some tough phase and that’s why they weren’t able to pay him four months rent. He decided to call them first to inquire about the situation. To his surprise, nobody took his calls after he tried so many times. So he decided to meet the family. And soon he realized what had happened. He was speechless when he saw the truth.