He started digging with a sharp object he could find nearby and then started excavating the place. With no hopes and high enthusiasm, he dug the spot to a considerable depth. It was then he found something shining. It must be a glass or steel that was reflecting sunlight, thought Mark. But that was not what he had thought it was.     

A Visited Place

His mind stopped working for a second when he saw the object. As the place is an attraction point for holidaymakers he suspected it to be some part of trash. But the curiosity had taken best of him. In no time he did away with the dirt and got his hand on something that looked like gold……..

Wiping Off

He could not believe his luck so he double-checked the object. The thing was all covered with mud. It was then he wiped the object clean. Something unexpected came out of it. He realized that he was not mistaken it was indeed gold. But the best part was yet to come.        

Is That A Ring?

The man began the cleaning process and had his eyes wide open when he realized what it was. The thick layer of dirt had concealed its preciousness. The man could not believe his luck. The man had started off with the hope of finding something unusual. 

What Is That Engraving?

This man cleaned the dirt off the ring and when he was done with that he called his pals to get a look of the thing he just had discovered. He with astonishment gave a closer look to the ring that was topped by a sapphire stone. Along with that, there were some strange engravings beside the gems. Mark explained, “It’s the find of a lifetime – I never expected to unearth anything like that.”         


None of them spoke a word. All of them were so consumed by the sight of the ring. Mark held the ring in his hand and looked at his friends to get some reaction. The group of friends was soaked in astonishment and could not understand what to say.