Long Trip Ahead

The lady luck was about to shine on Peter. A friend of him who hadn’t talked to Peter for quite sometime dropped him a call out of nowhere. Peter’s curiosity piqued when his friend told him to share a ride with him as they were to visit a place that was apparently hiding a treasure in it. Although it was a long shot you never know what life has in plans for you. Peter paid 45 pounds from his pocket for the gas which was not at all a wise decision from an unemployed man’s point of view but he went with his intuition anyway, but was the risk worth it?


It was the last 45 pounds in Peter’s pocket and now he was left with no money. He wasn’t as broke but the thing was he had already used his savings in buying something. Peter had shopped a brand new metal detector only days ago, a decision he would soon be proud of.”The Deus had been on my shopping list for a long while, now I had the site for it there were no excuses. It was not easy raising the funds for the Deus, but I am so glad I got it as my finds rate went up 150% overnight,” Peter said.

Taking A Risk

45 pounds might be a small sum to most of the people but what’s chaos for a fly is normal for a spider. In simpler words, the amount meant a lot to Peter as he was unemployed and broke. However, Peter didn’t give up on his dream even though it was a long shot. He was more than willing to chase his dream for the final time and what happened next changed his life forever.

Metal Detector

Peter started to walk over the field with a metal detector in his hands. After walking a few steps his metal detector started to make the familiar beep noise which meant he was up to something. Initially, the beeping of the detector didn’t bother him much and nor did he get his hopes high. As of then, it could be anything from a simple metal piece or a screw that fell off from a tractor.

Gold Coin

When Peter took a closer look at the area around which the metal detector had been beeping, his eyes caught the sight of something shiny. It was a coin of gold. It was hard to believe for everyone around but their eyes weren’t lying to them. Everyone’s jaw dropped out of surprise but it was nothing in front of the surprise they were about to receive. Peter could tell that there were more coins somewhere around from the signals his brand new metal detector had been giving him. So it was time to act upon it and seize this once in a lifetime opportunity.


It was as if the metal detector went crazy and it wouldn’t stop making the beep sounds. It was throwing massive signals, say, at least 40 cm wide. Peter called up his team to bring the shovels and they all started digging. They all got to the strenuous task of digging and they had now made a pothole that was almost 40 cm wide but they couldn’t find a single more coin. Was the metal detector flawed? Just when everyone was in doubt, Peter got back to digging and soon his shovel made a sharp sound as it had hit an object. Had they found the treasure?