He dived into the waters only because he felt that sea was calling him at the deepest point of the waters. Looking around nothing was making sense as the floor was sleeping in silence, or was it the silence before the heavy sound? Couldn’t make up his mind he moved further, his heart beating rapidly, the oxygen seemed not enough. Grasping and taking hold of his body he made the stop. He was looking at something which seemed to something out of the place. Buried under the sand he thought of giving it a closer look. Little did he know, he was about to discover something astonishing that would change his life forever.

Vacation In Italy

You all would agree to the fact that Italy is one of the most beautiful and sought places people look forward to spending their vacation in. Stefano Mariottini, a chemist by profession was longing for a good vacation and took it when he thought it was right time to have one, away from all the chaos of life. Nothing is better than Italy. But where in Italy? As we already said, he was in the right place at the right time.

The Lucky Location

Stefano was tired of his daily routine and was longing for a nice and comfortable vacation. After waiting for several days he got his chance to leave behind all his work and hectic schedule. Living in Rome, he knew how lucky he was to live in a place of which many people dream to visit once in their lifetime. It was the city Calabria he thought of spending his vacations in. But why Calabria? We don’t know why he chose this place but it was all destiny which was about to change…

Calabria, It Is!

Stefano has been living in Rome for a very long time now and he knew about Calabria city which attracts tourist from all over the world every year. This city offers its tourists a nice experience be it cultural or historic or artistic heritage, this city seemed to have an abundance of things that attract people. But it’s the 485 miles long coast which attracted Stefano the most and who would have thought that his normal hobby would make him discover something this amazing which baffled everybody when it came out in the land.

Scuba Diver

There are times when we don’t get to be what we really want. In that situation, we accept what comes in our way because of the force that drives us to be something else for a sole reason, survival. But Stefano Mariotti never left his passion of being a diver and continued it as his hobby. He just loves to explore the undefined boundaries of the sea which holds god knows what…

See The Sea

Did you know? Even today, 80% of the sea is unexplored. Just imagine the mysteries that are still hidden deep in the sea waiting to come out in the open in front of the people. We have no idea of other mysteries getting solved anytime soon but the discovery made by Stefano was something unbelievable and extraordinary.

Italy’s Capital

Everybody knows what a great culture Italy holds in his heart. Italy is one of the oldest cities in the world. There is a long line of dynasties ruling over it for centuries. Unlike other cities where kings who ruled the other parts kept changing the capital to their choice, Rome has stayed the capital of Itlay from the start and still is. Today, this place is filled with approximately 2.9 million people. Rome was founded in 753 BC and some scientists even argue that it was inhabited much before then 753 BC. You would be surprised to see the discovery made by Stefano which changed everything…