An internet sensation

Her photo had become viral and was getting circulated on each platform briskly. The blog adding a humiliating caption to the photo before publishing it only added to the problems. The threat that the original photographer gave of using the blog was also in vain as the photo had now spread everywhere.

Their internet crush

The innocent pole vaulter was sad and depressed on witnessing the fact that, getting comments on her photographs posted on various sites by men had become a normal routine for her. Many young boys started calling her as their ‘internet crush’ which was something that humiliated Allison a lot.

An international fan-base

Allison was not able to believe what she was witnessing. The photo had spread worldwide, which saw her gaining millions of fans from all over the world. Apart from having her name in The Washington Post and The New York Times, she also came to know that her story had reached Australia where it was shown on a Talk Show.

Trying to take control

The life of Allison had completely changed after this incident. As earlier she had only one thing in mind that of becoming the greatest pole vaulter ever. But, now things have changed as she was dealing numerous phone calls and messages from people from all around the world. Things went out of control and she decided to hire a manager in order to deal with all these things.The thing which scared her the most was that now she was vulnerable to stalkers.

Her attempt

Her attempt at changing the course of the event by organizing an interview in which she gave tips on how to become a good pole vaulter went in vain. As, the interview which was even uploaded on YouTube saw thousands of people commenting, not about the sport but about Allison’s beauty and physique.

Getting some help

It was her father Allan Stokke who came to her daughter’s rescue. He was a lawyer and used his skill to scroll through all the comments that the video received on YouTube in order to find if any were illegal or not good. In this way, he was also trying to search for potential stalkers. But, though it was a good step it was not able to mend the bad impact which it had on the mindset of Allison.