Allison Stokke’s name spread in the media like a forest fire. Though, many know the cause of it and are aware of the whole incident some are still unaware of many facts and happenings regarding Allison’s life. Today we take a quick look at what exactly happened with Allison Stokke and where is this woman who had a dream of representing her country in the Olympics, currently…

Just another athlete

Before starting her career as a professional in track and field events in the year 2007, Allison worked as a part-time model. She came to the profession of pole vaulting carrying with herself a rich background of various records she had broken in the sport. But, it was a photo which was taken when she was participating in a competition that made her a sensation, as the photo went viral. She was in the limelight now.

Who is Allison Stokke?

Hailing from California and born on March 22, 1989, Allison Rebecca Stokke was largely influenced by her brother named David. As, he was a national level participant in the events of gymnastics, which paved Allison’s way in the sport too. But, fate had something else planned for her as after realizing that gymnastics was not her cup of tea she started to find another sport to switch her focus.

Finding her sport

It was a pole-vault holding which Allison felt that this was the sport made for her. She was right in listening to her heart as after rigorous training and gaining perfection, she went on to win the U.S title at the age of just 15. This event in which she jumped a staggering 12.5 feet made her a  sensation and one of the youngest pole vaulter to achieve this feat.

Breaking her own records

But, Allison was not someone who would be content with this, she had much bigger aspirations and the desire to become the greatest. It was this hunger of hers which saw her breaking her own record by jumping 12.8 feet in the year 2004. If you are thinking that is all, then let me tell you that she again broke her record by jumping  13 feet 5 ¾ inches.

Allison’s senior year

During the senior year, Allison started to manage both her studies and training.She knew that the efforts she was putting into training are reaping her good benefits as her name was becoming famous on the international platform. Her winning chariot didn’t stop, as she went on to once again break her own record by jumping 13 feet 6 ¾ inches. Apart from this, she continued to win all the leagues she participated in.

The infamous photo

Allison soon saw herself in troubled waters in the year 2007, when a photo of her taken by a man from the audience, in which she was simply waiting for her turn in a competition, went viral. Actually, the photo of the girl aged 17, appeared on a blog named ‘With Leather’ which was famous for posting photos of young women for males to view.