When three hikers set out in Australia’s iconic Mount Glorious National Park, they were smart enough to have their cameras handy for all the incredible photo opportunities they would encounter. However, they were destined to witness an unbelievable sight.

Family Affair

Pup Rescue StoryFor Jessica Paton, a lady from Queensland, Australia a normal trip to a national park turned into something very shocking and interesting. Consequently, on July 24, 2016, she decided to share her interesting story on social media. She couldn’t believe the fact that a fun trip with her husband and father would lead her to so much fame.

What’s That?!

Pup Rescue StoryJessica explained that the original plan was for her and her husband Luke to bring her dad to see some rock pools in a fairly secluded section of Mount Glorious National Park. While on their way exploring the park, the trio noticed a disturbance in one of the deep pools ahead of them.

Saddest Sight

Pup Rescue StoryOver-brimming with the curiosity of watching some wildlife in the famous park, the family thought of the disturbance as a great opportunity for fulfilling their desire. But, the situation changed drastically, once they took a closer look at it. According to Jessica, the family was crushed to see this “forlorn little face looking back.”

Help Me!

Contrarily, the family found a dog in a state of helplessness and utter distress. “We approached cautiously, not knowing whether this was a domesticated or wild dog. Either way, we couldn’t leave it there in the freezing water ”, Jessica said.

Against The Stream

Pup Rescue StoryThe family was quick to comprehend the state the puppy was in, as it looked completely exhausted, from all its attempts at struggling to climb out of the deep section of water it had fallen into. In order to save the dog, it was necessary for the trio to take some quick and effective action.

Back Off!

Pup Rescue StoryIt was of utmost importance that the dog didn’t get injured during the whole process. The family knew they needed to be cautious and grabbed a giant stick in case the dog attacked after they pulled it out of the water. “We gently looped a rope around its head/shoulders, and with a slight struggle, dragged it out onto the rocks,” Jessica wrote.