Girls have the motherly instincts somewhere hidden inside them. Depending on her situations the age may differ but every girl gets that feeling. The desire of becoming a parent gets developed in all of us exceptions exist everywhere though. But there are those who want to be parents but never get that opportunity and hence it becomes the biggest disappointment of their lives.

Those moments when nothing goes as per plans and it feels like we are losing control on our lives makes us realize how teeny-tiny creatures we are that anything happening to us, our birth, our living, our dying nothing stands anywhere in front of this infinite universe. This is the story of the immense struggle of a Canadian couple and their life-changing decision that brought them face to face with the greatest dilemma of their lives.

Their One WishRomanian Orphan

For Ron and Natalie Trecroce, life was going all according to the plan. They were blessed with peaceful initial years of marriage. After spending a couple of years together happily, in 1997 the Trecroce couple was planning to have a baby which seemed like a simple wish. Sadly, they didn’t get any good news for one whole year and this was worrying them.

At The Doctor’s DoorRomanian Orphan

So, one year passed since the couple decided to expand their family. They just longed to hear a good news. This was upsetting and heartbreaking for them. The couple had no idea that trying to conceive will become this complicated for them. They so wanted to have a baby that they didn’t lose hope and went to consult a doctor. The news they received after all the tests were done was more traumatic for them.

No Good News

Ron and Natalie Trecroce got all the required tests done and it was time for the doctor to explain the reports to them. The doctor told the couple that the possibility of conceiving was almost none. Those words almost broke the couples happy life into pieces. It was like they had everything and a baby was the only part left to complete their lives jigsaw puzzle. 

Dashed DreamsRomanian Orphan - Natalie Trecroce

They really wanted to have a baby, they dreamt of it together, where they’ll send their kid for schooling, how they’ll give their baby a healthy and playful environment to grow and last but not the least will do the best to give an upbringing that makes it a kind-hearted person. The little hope that was almost next to impossible kept Ron and Natalie Trecroce going. Unfortunately, years passed by but the couple’s attempts never paid off. According to them, it was finally time to give up false hopes of having a baby by conceiving.

They Were Ready

The Trecroce couple knew it from the inside that they were ready to become parents. They were prepared for it financially, and emotionally. Yes, they were in immense grief and took a while to get out of it. Soon they knew that they just cannot go on with this sort of emptiness in their lives. They decided that they won’t give up so soon. In their defense, they were asking for what they deserved and why was it so difficult to become parents then?

Regaining HopeRomanian Orphan

Natalie always got the moral support that she needed by Ron when they decided to take a major step. They knew their love will be the same even if they will not be biological parents of the kid they’ll raise.

They decided to put up themselves in the list of people who are willing to adopt a baby. Little did they know that this decision was about to take them all the way to a different part of the world.