There is no better feeling than that of a movement inside you. Every couple dreams of starting their own family. Probably the young adults won’t even understand what joy is hidden in turning into parents until they experience it. That feeling of turning into parents is priceless.

A baby is believed to fill up space in your heart which you never knew was empty. This is a story of a Utah couple who were enjoying their newlywed phase. Everything was a chaos and then a phone call changed their life unexpectedly forever.

High School Lovers

Kaley and Jeremy were best friends at school. They would be doing everything together since then, right from school projects to be it eating their lunch at the school canteen, they will be seen together. As time flew they soon realized that this friendship is turning into something more special. They knew they were destined to be together. But, nothing could have prepared them for what was coming.

The Dating Game

Kaley and Jeremy started dating in high school. They were together in the junior school and even entered the high school together. Everyone would be calling them the soulmates, a couple who were perfect for each other in every sense. Ever since those high school days, they both knew they would be tying the knot sometime in future and had a vague dream. A dream that would shape their entire life in the future.

The Dream

Both of them dreamt of having a large family one day. They wanted their living room to be full of kids. They dreamt of watching the “Harry Potter” series some part twentieth maybe, by sitting next to their babies in their big living room.  They were eager about having a family life of their own. They wanted to taste parenthood as early as possible.

But their dream turned into the worst nightmare, something which neither of them expected.

Marriage Craziness

After dating for some three and a half years, Kaley and Jeremy tied the knot. Just like any other couple, they married in a closed ceremony, in the presence of all their family and friends. The time was near when they could actually turn their dream into reality. When they could have their children and enjoy life. But everything doesn’t go as planned…


Even after trying for some several times, the couple was not able to conceive a baby. They were now suspicious about something not being right. Probably, there was some medical issue with one of them which was preventing them from starting their family. They consulted a gynecologist and what they found was unbelievable…

Some Complications

As they say, life is not always a cake walk. Not all your dreams shape into reality. Something similar happened in their case. Kaley was facing some internal medical complications which were why the couple could not get pregnant. And these complications dated back to her young age when Kaley and Jeremy just started their courtship.