A Home doesn’t need bricks and concrete to be made, all it needs is love and family. Similarly, a family is not bonded by genes but is formed by love. For any child who is adopted, life is never that easy. Though his/her new family nurtures him/her with all their love, the space that belongs to his/her biological family always remain empty in his/her heart.

When an adopted child brushes her teeth with the reality of being “adopted”, the foremost question that comes to her is, “Who were my biological parents? Where’s my family”? This is a chapter from Hillary Harris’s life who was an adopted daughter. She searched for her biological family for years when she came across the unexpected…

A Baby

Hillary Harris was barely a year old when her father left her at the orphanage as he moved into with another woman. Luckily, another family adopted her as their child and gave her all the happiness she deserved in life. Hillary gave her new childless parents a reason to look up to the next day in life.

Vibrant Childhood

Hilliary’s childhood was nothing but ordinary like it is for any other child. Her innocence was a result of her adopted parent’s love and care. She was a girl full of vitality and vigor. She enjoyed visiting the children’s park and frolicking around. Life was a happy one until the day she had to face the reality.

A Concern

As years passed by Hilliary grew from an infant to a toddler to a preschooler and finally a teenager. Though she was making the most out of her growing years, as she grew older her parents had a rising concern. A concern which gave them sleepless nights.

Should We?

The parents had an obvious reason to suffer insomnia. They could not decide whether they should break the news of Hilliary being an adopted child of theirs to her or not. They did not wish to hide it from her. But, how will they tell their daughter whom they have reared with so much affection and nourishment that they aren’t her biological parents?

Gathering Courage

Hilliary’s adopted set of parents gathered all their courage and after thinking for days, finally broke the news to Hilliary. They told her that she wasn’t their biological daughter but is an adopted one. Hilliary was a teen then and could understand the dynamics of the situation.

Grateful But

Hilliary was extremely thankful to her parents. She owes them the life she is living today and all the luxuries the couple provided to their adopted daughter. However, as she matured into a woman, she started questioning her past and some deepest hidden lying secrets from her past began to unfold.