Future is uncertain. All of us know this. One never knows what is coming their way. It is often said that “everything happens for a reason”, but who knows that whether the reason will be in our favor or would the cards be against us. Though things might not make sense now, be optimistic and believe that they will have a meaningful impact in the days to come.

This is a tale of a couple, who adopts a Chinese baby girl. Life was nothing but ordinary until the day she attentively hears their old clock.  What happens after the little girl hears the sound from the old clock was truly unbelievable. Everyone just had a single question running through their minds that, “Is something like this even possible?” Read in here to find out what was that sound from the clock and what were its repercussions.

The Baby Girl

She was an adopted child. A little girl who owes her happy and healthy life to her adopted parents. She was found in a paper box which was lying outside a train station for days. She then found a clock in a shoebox at her new parents’ house and it leads to something profound. Something that was strange to the entire world. Well, let’s start from the very beginning and see how things unfolded.

Chuck And Kim Walker

Chuck and Kim Walker have known each other since long. Even they didn’t realize when their friendship blossomed into something more pure and blissful. It all began with visiting the church together and meeting each other at Sunday prayer meets. Though Chuck and Kim did not expect much out of these casual meetings, these meetings marked a significant beginning in their lives.

The Proposal

And one fine day, Chuck gathered all his courage and presented his deep-lying feelings of love to Kim. Just like any other girl would be, even Kim was surprised. She wasn’t expecting anything like this to come her way. Kim too somewhere knew that Chuck was more than a friend to her but never agreed. And now, that Chuck was all on his knees, Kim couldn’t have got a better opportunity to reciprocate her feelings.

Happily Forever

Kim readily accepted Chuck’s proposal. She too admitted her love for him. And then what? The duo tied the knot in the year 1982 in the presence of their family, friends, and relatives. It was a typical Christian White Wedding. The much in love friends were now officially a happily married couple. Their friends in a teasing manner now called them, “The Walkers”.

Our Family

Kim and Chuck were enjoying their newlywed phase. All this marriage craziness was exciting to them. The new-new love, the abundance of wishes from friends and most importantly their companionship as husband and wife. Now that the couple was married, was leading a steady life, had financial stability, they thought it was the best time to cherish parenthood and plan their own family.

Arriving Footsteps

After some two years, the couple conceived their first child. In the year 1984. Like any other first time parents, Kim and Chuck were extremely cautious about their every step. Kim followed a particular routine, she had fixed diet pattern and visited her gynecologist for regular check-ups. It was almost nine months and the baby Walker could arrive any time soon.