Grace Caruso

The girl was Grace Caruso. She was slim and fair in complexion. She had short hair and a pleasing smile. She was a perfect example of sheer beauty. Anyone who would see her smiling will instantly fall in love with her. And Peter fell prey to Grace’s charm…

Love At First Sight

Peter who once was strictly against his mom’s wish to get married, fell in love with Grace the moment he saw her. And it was no different her side. The duo kept on talking for hours on their very first date. They were enjoying each other’s company and did not realize when a casual date blossomed the flowers of love amongst them. But was it meant to last?

Age- Just A Number

When it comes to love, people often say that it is blind. Peter was glad that in his case, his mom was involved. Peter was then 32 in age while Grace was only 23 years old. Despite the age gap, they both shared amazing chemistry. And when everything seemed to work well, there was nothing that could hold them back from tying the knot.

Happily Married

Without much ado, the couple tied the knot. It was in the year 1964 itself that these two souls united into one. They were young and happy. They were excited about their marital phase. But who knew then that this love story will come to a tragic end that will leave Peter into pieces.

Just After Her

After getting married, Peter and Grace shifted to Connecticut. They now wanted to have a family of their own. With every passing day, their love seems to go deeper and deeper. Peter recalls, “Wherever my wife would go, I go,”  To them, everything was just perfect until old age stepped in and Grace had to face some serious challenges in life.

Growing Family

Peter and Grace gave birth to two kids who further grew up and got married and had kids of their own. They loved their 4 grandchildren with whom they would often go out for family outings. Unfortunately, not all stories have a happy ending and Peter and Grace’s was one of them.