Ignored Friend Request

Joana now looked for Tyrel on Facebook and after making some efforts she finally found the guy who looked like the guy in the photo that Joana kept safe with her for fourteen years. She sent him a friend request but the guy declined the request and Joana thought that she might be overdoing things and stopped trying to make any more efforts to connect with Tyrel. So was that it for the two of them? Certainly not!

A Final Try

For the next two years, Joana kept herself from trying to make any contact with Tyrel but she wanted to give it a last try and in 2011 she sent him another friend request. This time she was hoping this will be the last time she’ll be making an attempt to get in touch with Tyrel. She assumed that Tyrel was simply not interested in talking to her or maybe he doesn’t even know who she is. What was Tyrel’s take on this friend request from the same person after so long once again?

Tyrel Noticed

When Tyrel who was now 21 years old young man saw a friend request from a girl named Joana Marchan, he recalled that this wasn’t the first time he was receiving a request from her. As he realized it was the same Filipino girl sending him a request for the second time he wanted to know if he knew her in some way or what. Although he didn’t accept her friend request he texted her… If you think that’s it then let’s just tell you that Tyrel didn’t even remember doing anything for Joana. How will Joana remind him of it then?

Interesting Stranger

When Tyrel texted her, this lady said that she knew Tyrel from last 16 years. Tyrel never left America and this girl was Filipino. Tyrel never came in contact with anyone from the Philippines then how could this girl say that she knew him? Tyrel thought that the girl might be misunderstanding him for anyone else as he couldn’t remember of any way in which he could possibly be connected to her. Tyrel was thinking of this to be a prank or a scam on a serious note. The girl said she is connected with him but Tyrel couldn’t remember anything at all.

Tyrel Had Forgotten

Joana told Tyrel the importance of the shoebox for her, on the other hand, Tyrel had no clue what she was talking about. Forget about the items inside the shoebox Tyrel didn’t recall packing a shoebox at all. Did Joana receive the wrong image? But what was Tyrel’s picture doing inside the shoebox if he wasn’t the one who packed it? Was it all just a confusion or something more real than stories?

Mother Walked In

When Tyrel wasn’t able to think of those memories that Joana was talking about he discussed it with his mom. Yes, Tyrel forgot that he once participated in the charity program and packed a shoebox and handed it over to the programme coordinators. His mother told him that the girl wasn’t lying as he did send a shoebox when he was just 7 years old. Tyrel couldn’t believe that the thing he forgot was so much appreciated at the other corner of the world.