Life has its own way to tear relationships apart and to bring people together. When we look back at our lives there’s at least one unexpected moment that we never thought would take place but it did. And in some way or the other changed our lives. One such moment took place in the life of a 7-year-old guy which was about to change his life forever. How things fall together for him is just so unbelievable. Every good deed is counted and sooner or later it also gets rewarded. Same happened here just in a miraculous manner.

An Act Of Kindness

In 2000, Tyrel Wolfe, a seven-year-old boy was too excited for the holiday season. Christmas was close and Tyrel was a part of a shoebox project, an initiative by Operation Christmas Child through Samaritan’s Purse, a charity program for the not so lucky kids in the Philippines. He wanted to do something for the kids of his age across the world. So, he packed some toys, toiletries, and other essential supplies in a decorated shoebox as Christmas gifts. At that moment, Tyrel had no clue that his random act of kindness will not be forgotten and will be deciding his future life.

More Than A Shoebox

In 1993, this project started and since then more than 113 million packages were sent to more than 130 countries. What were the odds? Or was it just destiny? A girl named Joana Marchan was from not a well to do Filipino family.  She received the shoebox packed by Tyrel as her Christmas gift. She was overwhelmed to get the gift but the question is how did she know who sent the gift?

A Handsome Picture

According to the program’s rules, every person packing the gifts inside the shoebox should also put their picture in it. So, Tyrel too put his photo inside the shoebox packet before handing it over to the charity organization. A smart cowboy dress and his flawless smile were glowing in the photo. Tyrel did it just as a process but Joana when opened the box and saw the photo she kept it safely for years. What did Tyrel even gift her that she kept it close to her?

Little Pleasures In A Shoe-box

When Joana opened the box, she found a toy, shampoo, toothpaste, and other school supplies. While these things are basics in Tyrel’s country it was more worth to Joana. She could have never afforded anything like that as these things were way too costly in their country. Sadly, there was a letter that never reached its destination.

The Note That Disappeared

Joana wanted to thank Tyrel for his gift. The girl was just eight years old and had a thought of showing Tyrel how much the gifts meant to her. Seeing their daughters affection towards the boy who sent her the shoebox, her parents helped her with the idea of writing a Thank You note for Tyrel. Excited little Joana wrote a letter to Tyrel thanking him for his greatness but the letter never reached Tyrel. The story paused for years there but that wasn’t it for Joana and Tyrel.

Fourteen Years Later…

Joana could never forget Tyrel, the young boy who gifted her with tremendous joy. She couldn’t do anything about it while she was but always wondered where this guy would be and what he might be doing and if he is doing healthy and well in life just like her. Fourteen years came and went by and Joana was now a college student. She still didn’t forget Tyrel and made an attempt to look out for him.