A Surprise

John knew that his father will be soon buying the car but he didn’t know his father had already bought it. What started as an ordinary day transformed to a memorable one as soon as John returned home and saw a 2012 Ford Mustang parked in his garage. His father told him it was his car and John was overwhelmed with joy.

Love At First Sight

Andrew fell in love with the car at first sight. His parents were sure that he was now capable of taking care of a brand new car. But sometimes things aren’t in one’s control and the same thing happened with Andrew. Before he could do anything about it before he was even informed about it, the harm was done and there was nothing he will be able to do about it.

College Life

Soon he joined his college and became the baseball team member too. Andrew was now living in an apartment with his friends who were baseball fanatics just like him. Their teamwork was amazing enough to make the Golden Griffins win 2018 Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Baseball Tournament.

Something Happened To The Car

In November 2018, everything was fine until one day Andrew’s friend contacted him. It was related to Andrew’s car. He was angry and frustrated and didn’t know what should be done. He immediately hung up the phone and ran to the spot. What was it that had happened?

Friend Noticed

It was afternoon and Andrew’s friend was returning to home. While walking down the line he noticed that Andrew’s car alarm bells were ringing but what for? Also, there was a school bus waiting for the kids to get down very close to the car. He thought that Andrew needed to know it. So, he did what he thought was right.

Concerned Friend

His friend immediately looked at the car, clicked the picture. When he sent it to Andrew who was half asleep, he jumped out of his bed the moment he saw the picture. It was his first car and it was no ordinary car but his dream car. He responded to his friend right away. And in a moment or so, Andrew came up with a plan.