Dad (Failing At) Hairstyling

I have seen in the movies and read in the books that it is usually the mother who give their little boys a haircut. They seem to know what they are doing. Why do they seldom show the dads doing the same? The image is a solid proof why? This dad was probably a Mahatma Gandhi fan. He shaved his little boy’s head only from the middle just to see how he would look. This only shows that the dad was only concerned about having his own fun and what his boy’s friends would say when they saw him.

Taking, “Packing Bags” Too Literally

So we are guessing that the mom told dad to take the daughter out for a walk and to pack a bag for her. The naive or the over smart dad took things too literally and packed the daughter IN the bag. The baby girl looks a little apprehensive like she knows that her dad is doing something wrong and is hoping that he undoes it. Be it as it may, it does seem like a reasonable idea, a carry bag to carry babies might be the next in thing!

Another Hack

There are moments where you question whether one person should even be allowed to pass off as an adult, let alone a parent. This is one of those moments where this father SHOULD NOT have been left alone with his child. As innovative as the idea might seem of carrying a child with a plunger, it’s so dangerous! The child if it falls, will fall face down. And what if the suction pull of the plunger leaves a mark on the child’s body? Cool, but irresponsible.

Oh, Something Is Cooking Alright

Okay, this looks really cute but this can terribly go wrong. Having a baby sit on a hot barbeque with her shoes on the grill and she holding tonks wrongly is not exactly a safe idea of fun but the dad seem to be the least concerned about her safety and only waiting for its barbequed chicken. The girl’s dedication is awe inspiring though.

What’s Up Brah? ??

 Mom told dad to put a hat on their daughter’s head when dad could not find one he improvised with the first thing he found- his wife’s bra. Somehow he managed to make a headwear out of it and tied the knot in the baby’s face. Even the baby looks traumatized by what happened. Got to give it to the dad’s creativity though. 

Come On  Doggo, Wait, Something’s Wrong

So mom told this dad to go out for a walk with his daughter. This dad TOOK his daughter out on a walk. The idea must have been that she doesn’t get lost but it really looks very similar to dog on a leash. The little girl is not amused by this stint of her dad’s and looks at him with a “what is wrong with you” expression.