Employee Of The Month

When talking about slaves, let’s just break one more myth. Keeping the exceptions aside, Romans didn’t treat their slaves harshly. Yes, in the very beginning of the Roman empire slaves were treated inhumanly but later the Roman civilization started to give their slaves an adequate amount of work and even rewarded them from time to time. In return of which the Romans enjoyed effective services as it increased their slaves’ productivity.

Life Expectancy Ideas

Life passed quickly during the Roman Era. The ancient Romans used to think that the average life expectancy is 20-30 years. It started when a large number of women passed away while giving births. Those who crossed the age of 30-35, they were considered immortals.

Gladiatorial Fighting Wasn’t Most Famous

We have made a hype about Romans liking the gladiatorial fights, however, the most popular tournament in the regime was of chariot racing, an ancient version of today’s formula one racing. The famous Colosseum could hold at least 50,000 people at a time.

Graffiti; A Way To Express

Graffiti has been in trend for quite a while now. Around the world, thousands of people create beautiful graffiti that’s personally related to them. Yes, many other civilizations had the culture of drawing on the walls but Romans were used to expressing their feelings through drawings and inscriptions on the street wall for all sort of topics related to politics, wars, personal, cultural. Most of the streets of Pompeii and Herculaneum were filled with artistic messages by the citizens.

These graffiti were not only on the public properties but also on the lavishing private villas.

Roman Style Heater

Making living easier was always their priority. So, the Roman engineers applied a quite effective method to keep the house warm during winters. As it was hard to keep a furnace burning for  24*7 inside home, they invented another method to circulate hot air throughout the building by using hollow spaces in the columns. The furnace was kept under below the floor and the hot air reached to every corner of the house through hollow places. A smart technique, right?

Polar Bears

One of the most surprising facts about the Roman empire is this. They captured polar bears and made them fight with seals in front of thousands of audiences in the Roman amphitheaters. But how did these arctic creatures survive in European weather?  That’s because they were kept in flooded areas.