Relaxed Eating Style

For Romans, food was one of the most precious things. They enjoyed eating in a relaxed manner. Surprisingly they weren’t big fans of utensils, in fact, the only utensil they used at times was spoon while the rest of the times they enjoyed using their hands! They used to lay down on their comfortable couches.

Flamingo Love

When talking about eating style, we would also like to share their favorite dishes. The rich Romans had some expensive elite dishes prepared with stork, roast parrot, flamingo, and the list goes on. Flamingo tongue snail was their all-time favorite food. 

Early Roman Mall

Yes, they had what we can call an old version of malls. The Trajan’s Market was a 4 story-tall complex in Rome had more than 150 shops. Its located right next to the Colosseum. According to historians, most of the rooms were used for administrative purposes during the rule of Emperor Trajan. Alongside there were stores as well as apartments in several levels of the building. Most of the parts of the buildings remain close but tourists have access to some parts of the structure.

Old School Party Drugs

Romans and their parties are equally interesting topics to be talked about. Their parties were famous in different countries. The most popular part of their parties was “the drug part”. A fish named, Sarpa Salpa a.k.a. Dream Fish. According to researchers, consumption of the dream fish would result in serious hallucinations that sometimes lasted for more than 36 hours. Generally, it was served to the high profile Romans and the special guests.

The Festival For Slaves

The Ancient Romans celebrated the festival of Saturnalia from 17th of December till 23rd of December. It was their way of showing respect towards deity Saturn. The interesting part of Saturnalia was that during the celebrations, the masters and their slaves exchanged roles. Slaves used to run back and forth to fulfill their masters’ demands throughout the year, during Saturnalia these roles were reversed. What we aren’t sure of is whether the masters enjoyed being a slave or not.

Slaves And Warships

Most of the movies that show Romans fighting battles made us believe that Romans took their slaves to warships. They had a valid reason behind not using slaves as rowers and soldiers. Chances of a slave giving up while war is more, on another hand, citizen have some responsibilities towards their nation and they will fight with devotion. Also, if a slave wishes to go to the war, then his master has to free him. According to Romans, the mere hope of returning from the war and living a free life motivated slaves to be dedicated soldiers. Deep logic we must say!