There is always an element of surprise that follows us in life. We can never be so sure of our future and what it holds. What we can do, however, is hope for the best and face it head-on. We all know that life is what you make of it, therefore, even if there is something totally unexpected or unwanted, how we react to them determines the kind of life we ultimately lead. Here are some of the most inspiring photos that are sure proof that life can be beautiful as long as you maintain a sense of humor and resilience.

Don’t Stop The Party

Don’t Stop The Party‘Live fast and die young,’ they say. So this guy right here wanted to continue the festivity and celebratory spirit of the party he had just attended even after the police had intervened and taken him into their custody. We can clearly see that he still wants a sip of his beer and is clearly not over the music and dancing. We love his rebellious nature but are the authorities going to have mercy on him?

For The Ladies

Oh Hey, Ladies

When we get sick, we usually just want to stay in bed and not meet people. Being stuck in the hospital can get a little frustrating as we are barred from doing things that we can normally do when we are at home. We cannot socialize and we cannot even meet people other than our relatives who come to visit us. This guy here was in desperate need of female attention, so the fact that he is in a hospital robe and ill did not stop him from exploiting his social media at the hospital.

What Might That Be?Well That’s Just Bizarre

What would be one of the most unappealing features a person can have? Bulging skin tags would definitely make it on the list for so many people. We can all agree that seeing a skin tag in the most unexpected parts of the human body can ruin someone’s allure. This woman here has a skin tag on the side of her hands but that did not stop her from adding a little pizzazz to it. We should all aspire to one day be this confident.

Goat On Your Scalp

Scalp GoatWe are all born different. Some of us are lucky to not have been born with the curse of having to deal with a receding hairline. It is definitely one of the worst things that could happen to a man, especially the ones who do not look good with a bald head. This guy has aged a bit and now has grey hair that is receding as well. He decided to make light of this curse by tattooing a goat on his head. The goat seems to be chomping on the hair, so he can have a good story to tell people if ever they ask.

Full HD?

Too Real

Well, we all know by now that technology is on an all-time high. We are living in a world where virtual reality is slowly taking over. Our HD screens and realistic special effects in movies are proof that with technology anything is possible. There is one problem though, if our screen crack then, we are doomed. But this person here had a good laugh about his phone screen cracking. He blames it on Spiderman.

Okay, Checkmate!


Spray paints do not come off that easy. We all know that these paints stay on for a long time so if we decide to spray paint our wall, we must make sure it is something that we would not regret later, something meaningful. This guy’s dear friend played a prank on him and sprayed the ‘Swastika’ logo on his wall. So, what did he do? He managed to cover up this offensive logo using his creativity/desperation. Pretty clever.