Don’t we love caressing our pets? Their soft fur, shiny hair and those little pet licks make us all go aww. Affection is not necessarily always towards our friends or family but it can also be for some animals. The love towards these animals is way better than your love towards things because these cute creatures can reciprocate your love with all that they have.

We humans have always professed our love towards these animals. Unfortunately, our love lasts only till the animal is able to work for us. As soon as it gets old or injured our love for it ends. Because mankind is known to be selfish. Humans are capable of loving somebody till he/her is hale, hearty and useful. From their part, the animals have never been unkind to humans. For instance, Androcles and the lion. Animals show emotions stronger and purer than that of humans.  They cannot fake their emotions.

But then there are men who carried out certain unsolicited but beautiful sights when it came to the animals. This special bond between two physically varied species but emotionally similar beings is making history. There are some beautiful incidents which showcase this pure bond.

Find out here, to what extremities man can go to save these creatures of God.

Baa, Baa Black Sheep

We all have recited, ” Baa, Baa Black Sheep, Have You Any Wool?”, the famous kindergarten rhyme at least once in our lives. Then, we have asked the sheep for wool and today, two Norwegian men, provide it with the wool.

Once a little lamb was found drowning in a lake with a heavy flow of water. Luckily, two heroic men caught her sight and jumped into the water to save her. While they were initially scared to jump, they gathered courage and managed to rescue her and covered her with a blanket to provide her warmth.

Welcome The Horse

During the floods at Murwillumbah railway line, this Australian family opened up their house doors to an almost drowning horse. The horse collapsed at the staircase of their home. They sheltered it in their home and fed him with apples until the floods cleared. This family surely has a big heart.

Mr. Fox

No, we aren’t talking about the famous fictional character Mr. Fox, but about a man from Ireland who nurtured the two little foxes which he found abandoned in the dark forests. Gibbons, the good Samaritan has adopted these two foxes who actually seem to have adopted Gibbons as they are not ready to leave his side under any circumstances.

Woman On Heels

Women have always been portrayed as elegant, beauty conscious and the ones who would not compromise on their physical beauty for anything. But, this story will amaze you as the protagonist overlooked her beauty for a beast. A lady completely dressed and wearing heels jumps into a pond to rescue a mare from drowning. No wonder as to why G0d gave women the privilege to be a mother. Their hearts are beautiful too.

The Silent Dolphin’s Scream

A little dolphin was once washed off to the seashore by the giant waves. This tiny creature was lying there helpless until a man with a heart as big as a dolphin’s brain came to her rescue. He immediately rushed towards her and picks her up into his arms. Without wasting another second he carries the little dolphin to the sea and bids her adieu at the doorsteps of her habitat.

Baby Hamsters Saved

Probably ‘aww’ is way too less fancy to describe these little baby hamsters. And ‘remarkable’ is too less to describe the way our firefighters fulfill their duties. At the time of the fire, firemen aim to save every life possible but none can even think that those lives include the lives of the tiniest creatures as well. In a house fire, the baby hamsters were rescued and were provided with life-saving equipment and oxygen to recover them from unconsciousness. No other act could have been more selfless act than this one.