An Infant

Becky Skousen was only an infant when she was offered for adoption. Luckily, she was adopted by a loving mother Caralyn. Caralyn and her husband were a lovely couple who were eager to adopt a baby and Becky came as a blessing to them. For them, with Becky’s arrival, their family was complete. But for Becky was it really complete?

Happy Family

Becky lived the best of life that her foster parents gave her. She was a loved and pampered child whose every wish was fulfilled even without asking for it. She grew up like any other child. She soon reached the adulthood stage of life and it was the point when she was brought face to face with reality.

Her Right

When Becky was around 25 years in age, her foster parents thought that it was the right time to break the news of her being an adopted child to her. They thought it was her right to be aware of this fact. Surprisingly, even Becky handled the truth with a lot of maturities, yet her foster parents had more to say to her.

Positive Feelings

Becky did not lose her calm after brushing her teeth with the reality. However, her foster parents said really wise words to her. They asked her not to hold any grudges or harsh feelings for her birth mother. Rather she should have all positive feelings for her. However, Becky still had some questions.


Becky accepted the truth with open arms. But taking everything into consideration, she just had one question, “Why was she put up for adoption”? She wanted an answer to this question but never had the courage to ask anyone about it. Meanwhile, Robin always had this desire to be able to get in touch with her daughter. Surprisingly, destiny had some different plans for this mother and daughter.

No Options

Robin had a place in her heart for her daughter that had been unclaimed since years. Years back, Robin fell prey to circumstances she had no control over. She was barely 14 years when Becky was born and to give the newborn a better life she had to do so. Robin had to go through quite a lot by her own and Becky was totally clueless about it.