We are no cleanliness freaks either, all we prefer is to save time! Don’t you want to rest for a while? Yes, but how? You got so much work to do! As if working in the office for the whole day isn’t enough that you’ve to come back home and manage your home too! However, that’s how our routines are, we wait for the weekend so desperately and when the weekend finally arrives… Boom! You work, sleep and within a blink of the eye, it’s Monday already!

Well, we’re here to make your life easier than ever before. You still have the same list of work but using the below-mentioned hacks, you’ll not only save your money and time but also your energy to focus on what’s more important than work; your lives!

Clean Mattress

Vodka, plus your favorite oils, plus distilled water is the remedy for the foul smell coming from your mattress. No matter how many times you clean the bed sheet it just won’t go away. But spraying a mixture of Vodka, oils with good smell and distilled water is going to give your mattress the best smell and you can now sleep and have sweet dreams!

Same Steaming Time

Reaching late to the office every day?  Why don’t you try saving your time while taking bath? We don’t want you cut off your personal time but save your time from ironing. The next time you take a hot water bath, just hang your office clothes in a corner, obviously, where water won’t reach. The heat and steaming of the bathroom will unwrinkle those clothes. And you are good to go, straight to your breakfast!

Easy Microwave Cleaner

Every time we open that microwave, we know we have to clean it up but it’s such a mess that you just don’t feel like doing it. Hence, postponing it for the next weekend is the easiest thing we do. Not anymore, as all you need to do is to keep around two cups of water in the microwave and heat for 5 minutes.  It’ll make the inside completely moist and now you can easily get rid of the stains just using a sponge!

Blocked Kitchen Sink?

Blocked sink makes us wish to be rich enough, so we could call a professional to help us with it. You don’t need to be rich to get rid of this mess, all you need is to put in a couple of Alka Seltzer and a glass of water following it. Leave it for 15 minutes and pour hot water in the sink. There you go, the sink is unblocked without any hassle!

Pet Hairs, Dust, And Glitters

You know it, there’s dust on the couch and you just feel helpless, as no matter how hard you try it’s still there. You need to get handy with a lint roller and it’ll not only remove the dust but pet hairs if there’re any, from the fabric blinds, lampshades, glitters, and sofa. You can now lay down on your clean couch and rest as you know the simplest way to clean up!

Spoon Cleansing

Who has time to clean up those silverware? Who cares as long as they are doing the job nicely. Trust us when we say, you need not make any extra efforts for this. Don’t throw the water in which you boil potatoes, and leave those forks and spoons and knives in it for an hour. Cleaning them with a soft cloth is all that you’ve to do.