While our science classes were the most interesting for some for rest it was senseless. They say its science or they say it’s a miracle depending on their belief in science or miracle. Science is the explanation behind everything. But somethings just can’t be explained and here we are with a bunch of such moments caught on camera. These images are neither edited nor photoshopped and that’s why they made it to our today’s list. In this case, possibilities are high that there is something or the other that stayed hidden from us in these pictures, something we just can’t explain, yes “physics” is missing.

A Glitch In The Dog

Look at the grass and look at the dog, why is he not on the grass but on the wall? Yes, dogs can go anywhere for a ball but they can walk on a wall is the new thing. We really hope its this dog’s unexplainable talent to walk on the walls? The chances of it being a photo clicked on the moment that became so famous. What’s your say? If you think you have an explanation for this then try the next picture we have on the list. 

Which Way To Mr.?

This is a combo of cute and creepy depending on how long you’ve been looking at the picture. No offense to the dog lovers but sitting in that position why is this dog staring right at the camera! What is the matter with this pooch? He is the literal explanation of the world going upside down. Okay, let’s think of it differently for one moment that he is resting in this way, who in the world rests like that? We need answers on behalf of dear gravity! Great Lord! Speak up! 

Chilling Spaghetti

We’ve never seen such a support system! Okay, we need an explanation here. How long does it take for this person to get the spaghetti to his mouth? Yes, at some parts of Earth it is very cold but is it cold enough to freeze warm spaghetti right when its picked up with a fork? What about the person holding this bowl? Other people at this place? If you are fond of extreme weathers this place will be a chilling adventure. 

No High Time To Give Up

Cats are famous for balancing on tiny places. It seems like their fun thing to do. Cats do it all the time but there’s a limit, right? They are no super cats or are there any? Is this cat a spy? Or is there water on the floor that she doesn’t want to get her paws wet anyway? Imagine just 1% chances that she didn’t jump here after the car park but it has been there on the car’s handle throughout the ride.

Great Climber

Indeed goats own expertise in mountain climbing. Who knew they climb it this way? Trust us goats climb mountains jumping rock to rock but this pair is definitely a pro. And yet again, they are an exception to the law of gravity. If the rest of goats learn the trick of this pair, then just imagine how the scenario will look like.

What Went Wrong?

People love balloons but the only fact they don’t like about it is that even a slightest of change in the environment can make it burst. You switch on the fan, it bursts. You play with it, it bursts. You leave it as it is it, again bursts. Seeing this balloon makes us wonder that something is seriously wrong with all the balloons we’ve played with because this pinky is giving the sharp needle a tough time.