Icy Window?

One of the problems that winter has is that the ice easily gets stuck to your car window. But if you want to prevent that you can Spray your window with WD-40 and remove the extra off. By this, the ice would slip off your window instead of sticking to that. 

Water Spots

Washrooms are full of water spots that makes it look very ugly. But how do we clean it? Well, you can use WD-40 to clean them. Just spray some on the spot and rub them off with a wiper, you will see the spots vanishing easily.  

Sticky Scissors

Gone are the days when you were forced to use sticky scissors as you had no other options. Sticky scissors make the process of cutting anything very difficult. But now instead of lamenting the fact, you can use WD-40! Just polish your sticky Scissors with WD-40. They do wonders to it.

Outdated Stickers!

Two things that leave a scratch on one’s heart is a break-up and a scratch on the car. We do so many things to give our car a better look from painting them to gluing cool stickers on them. The real problem arises when the stickers get outdated and you want to peel them off but you can’t because that would leave a stain on the car. But you can prevent that happening by using WD-40. Put that on the sticker and peel it off gently.


So, here is one of the most irritating thing that we often come across. Remember the last time you were packing for a trip and realized that the zip has grown rough and the time when the zip of your favorite coat or pant has got stuck at one point and that is why you have stopped wearing them. Well then try this solution! WD-40. It smoothens the zipper that lets zip slide back and forth smoothly.   

Tea Stains

Got stains of tea or coffee onto your table? And they are not going off no matter what you do?  Get them removed by applying a few drops of WD-40 on it. You will see the stain gone for good. Don’t let fear of stain steal away your special moments.