The Majestic Unicorn

As you can see, Halloween came early for this woman. This WTLV reporter was covering the story about the fire that broke in the area and while he was doing that this woman decided to wish everybody Happy Halloween and what’s better than photobombing a live reporter. We salute to this reporter for maintaining his calm for the entire segment. Our only question: What was it that she took last night? Not that we want some, just curious.

I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet

It’s not every day we feel an earthquake and the same goes with this picture. This picture was taken while this Los Angeles news team was broadcasting a content. The male co-host shouted, “we’re having an earthquake” and when the other co-host saw the table and the overhead lights shaking even she went for a cover. It was natural for the anchors to react in such a way but, Jimmy Kimmel and other comedians left no chance to mock their acts.

Go Away!

This reporter believed in equality and while she was caressing the first goat she thought of doing the same to the other one and the first goat didn’t take it well. Who knew even goats can get jealous. So next you decide to pet any goat just make sure she is alone.

“Weather” You’re Visible or Not…

A perfect dress that goes with every situation. Liberte Chan, from Los Angeles, wore a special dress that day when she thought it’s her that has increased the temperature by wearing this dress that literally camouflaged itself with the screen behind her. It does look like that she isn’t wearing anything but that’s her dress which is at fault. Later, the production team offered her a blazer but this was all caught on live TV.

Dumb Charades

This is one of the most famous technical glitches in the history of the News Channel. Why is that? While recording this segment there was no audio for “19 Minutes”. We are not kidding because it really happened. And what’s funnier is that anchors didn’t know about the audio problem and kept delivering the news while the viewers had no idea what they were talking about. Later, one of the anchors took out a small white board and wrote this. That’s why there is a saying, “speech is silver, silence is gold.”

Not A Smoker

If you want to know what a human chimney looks like? Then what you are seeing can define it perfectly. While recording the segment about football the reporter Erin Andrews from the Fox News showed viewers about the condition in which players were playing. Erin, you could have just told that it’s too cold out there instead of blowing out the smoke. And if you look closely you might see when she blows out it feels like players just blew away from the pressure. Did you see it?