Rongorongo Writing

What we have here is something really intriguing. It took the archeologists sometime before stumbling upon this amazing discovery because of the fact these were hidden behind giant stones on the Eastern Island. The scholars describe them as the Rongorongo writings, which are literally, indecipherable. It was Eugene Eyraud, who discovered these strange patterns mostly consists of several symbols, called as glyphs. The Rongorongo writings are believed to be almost 1200 year old. These unique representations were engraved on wooden planks. To date, no one has been able to decipher these symbols but many anthropologists believe that these symbols hold some religious information. Did you know the Rongorongo writings were developed without any influence from the outside?

Saksaywaman Fortress Walls

This whole structure weighs more than 200 tons. The Saksaywaman Fortress Walls in Cuzco, Peru even predates the Incan empire, surprisingly researchers haven’t been able to decide the date in which these amazing structures were made. You can see how perfectly these stones fit together. We all know that human in the past didn’t have any technology but still they were able to create this astonishing structure. How? Even the scholars have no idea of it. But there is a very local legend that goes with this site, according to which those who built it extracted a liquid from a local plant present at that time which made these stones light in weight which made these stones easy to carry. Archeologists believe that this site was an ancient temple and several religious ceremonies were performed back then. If still, you aren’t amazed then number 20 would surely drop your jaw.

The Stone Spheres

In the past, lived several stone carvers in the Diquis Delta of Costa Rica who carved out hundreds of huge stone spheres that are considered to be the most amazing works of craftsmanship. These stone spheres are nearly perfect in shape. These mystical spheres are related to the Isthmo-Colombian region which is believed to be carved out from granodiorite (a type of igneous rock found in that particular region). Some of these spheres weights as much as 16 tons and are over 2 meters in diameter. When researched further the placing of these stones were found to be leading the tribe’s house location. Today, several of these stones could be found in private gardens of rich people and due to that reason, it becomes very difficult for the researchers to gather any new information about these sphere stones. What do you think they were used for?

Nasca Lines

This discovery is our favorite. Why is that? Because if you walk on the desert plains of Nasca in southern Peru, it would be hard for you to notice anything but to see these amazing drawings you might consider looking from an airplane. These drawings are called geoglyphs. There are over 100 such designs spread all over the desert believed to be work of Nasca culture lived on this planet between 500 BCE and 500 BCE. Though these lines seem like airstrips they actually form some known images, like birds, fish, monkeys, and humans. As we said, you cannot see these images from the ground which led to the conclusion that these were specifically made only to be seen from the sky. But they didn’t have airplanes back then, exactly our point. Then why and how these images were created? What was their true purpose? Some say that these images acted as a guide for “aliens”.

The Shroud Of Turin

You might know about the Shroud of Turin which is believed to be Christ’s burial cloth. Naturally, it is considered very religious but there is something else that makes it really special. And what is that? This cloth is considered to be proof that tells that yes, Christ was resurrected from his grave. To many non-believers, it’s just a hoax. Even today, there is no answer to this question but an image of a wounded man on this piece of cloth is more than enough for people who want to believe the resurrection legend. We leave it up to you to decide.

The Hellenikon Pyramid

When it was believed that there are only Pyramids of Giza that were constructed on this planet, with time archeologists discovered several other sites. Obviously, these structures which are spread all over the globe do represent some significant symbol but what is that important symbol, nobody knows for sure. But the Hellenikon Pyramid is different. The researchers found a notation on these pyramids which said that these pyramids were actually tombs for the soldiers died in the battle of Argos. But archeologists, haven’t found any evidence that could prove the notation to be true. But you would be surprised to know that the Hellenikon Pyramid is older than Egyptian pyramids and were constructed around 2721 BCE. Beat that!