Every day, all around the world, scientists discover something or the other that make them scratch their heads. When we think we know everything about this world, the scientists stumble upon something mysterious that make them rethink everything they know about this planet. Here are some of the amazing ancient discoveries that baffled the whole world with all the questions that revolved around them. How did they come into existence? Who made them and how? Some of the discoveries are so advanced that imagining people from that time created them would make your mind go crazy. Let’s see what all these scientists have found in all these years. From all over the world we have 38 of these amazing mysterious. Check them out!

Baghdad Battery

Wilhelm Konig, a German archeologist was excavating the site in Iraq in 1838 when he unearthed several clay jars dated back to 200 BCE. What’s so interesting about some clay jars? Wilhelm was astonished to see that inside each jar which seemed like to be an iron rod covered with copper cylinder. The first thing that popped inside his head was the thought of these jars being ancient batteries. Yes, you read it right, ancient batteries. When he published his study the whole scientific community was stunned by it. Like how on earth did these people know about electricity? But many scientists weren’t convinced with the story and even said that it’s a fake.

But then a college professor with his students tested the theory and to their surprise, these electric jars did produce an electric current. It was confirmed that these jars were used as a battery back then but the question that still remains was about the purpose these ancient jars fulfilled. This discovery is just a start because there are many other discoveries that baffled the community.

Sumerian King List

This is an ancient cuneiform clay tablet that consists of the names of every single powerful Sumer Kings going back to the third millennium BCE. But what makes the Sumerian King list so interesting? When this tablet was researched thoroughly the researchers found out that many kings reigned for over a thousand years. Baffled with the information that suggested that indeed some of the Sumerian Kings lived for thousands of years. At first, it was believed that it there must be some kind of error in the list but there were several kings who lived for over and almost thousands of years. Even today, the scientists have no clear idea of how these kings managed to live for this long which is practically impossible for human like us. What was the secret? We might never know. Did you know there is another Bible?

The Devil’s Bible

We all have heard of the Holy Bible, the sacred texts that we read and listen on a daily basis. The whole world was astonished when the researchers discovered the Devil’s Bible. There is a very interesting legend that goes with it. According to this book, which is believed was written in one night by the hands of the 13th-century thinker who sold his soul to the Devil. We aren’t making this up and believe us it’s not a script of a movie. The author monk was convicted and sentenced to frightful fate. His punishment included of him being walled up alive in his tomb. Afraid for his life he made a deal with the monastery that in a single night he would finish up a book that would include all the knowledge of this world. When he was alone he found a chance to struck a deal with the devil and the next morning he presented this heavy 310 pages book. Many scholars still don’t believe the story but this book was really written by a single person and the handwriting is the proof. This book requires two people to lift it up. In this book, there is a Latin translation of the Holy Bible, several other works and scary drawing of the devil. And don’t forget the missing 12 pages that nobody knows why they were torn off.
There are other amazing discoveries keep reading…

Japan’s Atlantis

We all are aware of the lost city Atlantis, right? The scholars discovered the ruins of 5,000 years old city in the Yonaguni Jima, Japan. There are many researchers who believed these ruins are related to the Jomon culture, but others disagree with that. They assume it to be the doings of a natural disaster. Even today when some ancient city ruins are found in the sea people automatically starts connecting it with the city of Atlantis, a mystical city that was submerged into the ocean. But what makes this discovery so important? It was the arched entryway and stone staircase which was discovered that is very hard to explain because a natural phenomenon couldn’t shape such things. What do you think? The next one is really interesting.

The Legend Of Atlantis

There is no question if a person would say that the City of Atlantis is one of the biggest mysteries on this planet. Plato, the Greek philosopher wrote about this utopian society which sunk in the ocean in a single day. According to National Geographic, very few scholars believe that at some point a huge mystical city existed that consisted of several giant and exotic animals. However, Robert Ballard, an ocean explorer suggests that believing in a city that was submerged in the ocean is “logical” because of the several natural disasters like tsunamis and volcanic eruptions that did take place might have disappeared the nation. Whatsoever is the case, even today, the Lost City of Atlantis remains the biggest mystery to us. Click next to be more surprised.

Mystery Hill

Mystery Hill is famously known as America’s Stonehenge mostly because it was created from the stone, believed to be a 4,000-year-old megalithic astronomical system created by the Native American people. Some even say that this site is the lost monastery of migrant Irish monks and some add that it was just an accidental work of 18th and 19th-century farmers. What to believe? We have no idea. This ancient site is located in Salem, New Hampshire and is considered to be the oldest archeological site in America. According to Atlas Obscura, this place has several small stonewalls standing in a series with some odd arrangements, and few underground chambers. The question is who built them and for what purposes? Don’t ask us we have no idea.