In Good And Bad

The brothers’ favorite time pass used to be horseriding. They were used to riding wild horses all around the city, in the fields. Over the years, not even a single time did Mr. Crawford think of his big brother without moist eyes.

Typical Big Brother

“He had a spotted pony, a big pony, and one day he told me to get the gate open. I was barefoot and he shot me in the foot with a BB gun. He thought it was funny. He was just a regular big brother. He was my big brother,” said the old man. They were brothers by blood and best friends by choice.

World War II

Young adults were encouraged to join the forces. The nation needed them and every day hundreds of people were registering their names in the army. The feeling of patriotism is strong enough that people are ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their nation and fellow civilians. Once this feeling gets inside of a person, there is no turning back. And Harold was ready to do the right thing.

Taking Part In History

It happened during World War II when Harold chose to join the navy and became a trained fighter plane pilot. Once he took off there was nothing holding him back. The braveheart followed the orders strictly and put his full potential in serving his nation. Jim too insisted on following his brother’s footsteps.

Leaving Brother Behind

Jim wanted to enroll with his brother, but he was too young to join the navy. Jim was left behind alone. His age stopped him from being with his brother. Now, he could only stay at home and wait for his elder brother to return home safely. But how often do things go according to our wishes?

Difficult Times

While Harold was fighting in the warzone with the enemies, Jim was fighting with his fears. Without his brother, home didn’t feel like home anymore. He couldn’t enjoy for even a single moment thinking of his brother who might be struggling to save himself in the war. He used to wake up from nightmares where something bad has happened to his brother.