The Obvious

The very next move that Stephen made was quite evident. It was the modern era and with search engines like “Google,” nothing seemed impossible. Stephen in the search box typed, “Stacey” and crossed his fingers and hoped for the best. Probably for a miracle to happen. And what the results read blew his mind.

Will Be Difficult

As expected, the search engine gave the information about many Stacey but Stephen did not know which Stacey was his biological mother. Soon only he realized that this is not going to be easy research. It was a tedious one. But as he was determined enough to embrace his birth mother he jumped to other options not knowing that luck had been meddling with his life all the while.

Never Give Up

Stephen was a U.S War Veteran and giving up was something he never knew. How so ever obstacles might arise, he knew that this time he will be locating his birth mother even if it was next to impossible. But will he be able to do so or will the soldier taste “defeat” in his personal life?

Adoption Papers

 The only place where Strawn could have found his birth mother’s name was his adoption papers. But sadly long back the place was struck by flood and situations worsened. People were stranded. They had to leave behind their houses and carry just the basic means. In that tragedy, the adoption papers were lost. Luckily, in the year 2017 something incredible happened.

The Law

Stephen’s hope to locate his biological mother grew slim when the search engine and the adoption papers did not prove to be of any help to him. In this big world locating a woman of who you have no clues were no less than finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, a major change in law took place right then.

Blurry Hopes

The change in law came from the state of Pennsylvania where Stephen Strawn was born. And the law stated a change in adoption laws. Now the children who were adopted were allowed access to their original birth certificates. Unfortunately, Stephen did not come across this news and the urge and feeling to reunite with his birth mother all turned into a blurry hope. Yet, as they say, its always the destiny that has a role to play.