Several Hang Outs

Matt and Laura couldn’t help it. What can two-four years old do to stay in touch other than asking their parents to let them? Everyone got busy with the new life schedules and the weekend plans changed to monthly to yearly to none. Distances grew and they hardly ever met each other except for a few birthday parties.

Long Time No See

The contacts almost reached to 0 by the time they turned 6. After kindergarten was completed, their friendship reached this dead end where they both were busy with their new friends and now they were not part of each other’s hang out plans either. The kids who couldn’t stay without seeing each other daily now hardly ever get to meet.

Christmas Cards

Laura and Matt were over the preschool love completely and living their lives separately. But once in a year, the festive season used to bring those childhood memories back. During Christmas both the families used to post the family Christmas cards to each other along with the other family and friends. 

From Besties To Strangers

Laura and Matt did miss each other but their priorities never allowed them to meet. There was one more conflict which was the fact that they both were growing to be people they knew nothing about. Kind of strangers you see. 

All Charm Gone

The charm of their friendship was long lost somewhere in their memories. Years passed and now they never even waited for each other Christmas cards. It was no more a special card but just another card to them. This sounds quite normal, isn’t it? Happens to everyone all the time, true? But this story doesn’t end here. There was so much more to the picture that was yet to be added unexpectedly.

They Grew Up

Matt was passionately looking towards making his career in the world of photographs. He was now skilled at what he liked the most; clicking pictures. He wanted to become a professional photographer one day. Meanwhile, Matt found this new passion Laura was still confused about what she should be opting as a career.