Tried To Impress Her

Matt was always trying to impress his fellow mate. He knew she liked “The Lion King” so he always used to speak dialogues from the movie just to make her happy. He was always interested in knowing her favorite things like movies, cartoons, and favorite Pokemon. At this innocent age, none of the kids thought that they’ll ever forget about each other. But unexpected things happen all the time…

Learned From Each Other

Matt had always been very kind hearted towards Laura. From sharing candies with her to helping her with learning he did it all. While Matt tried hard to impress Laura, the girl impressed him unintentionally. She taught him to swing on the swings. They jumped, fell, danced, and created the fun childhood memories together. But these pretty moments were soon going to over.

Little Lovebirds

Till the time Laura and Matt turned four years old, everyone in their preschool as well as at home knew that they were besties. Even their parents used to tease them saying they were the little lovebirds. One fine day, Matt said in front of his whole class as well as the class teacher that he’ll be marrying Laura and everybody started laughing. His teacher patted the little boy for his innocent declaration. Sadly, just like most of us, even Matt was going to lose his bestie soon.

Test Of Time

Now that their preschool was over, they were going to start their kindergarten life. The test of time was knocking at their doors and these little besties were not yet ready for it. But they were running short of time as they were going to go through a sad separation.

Start Kindergarten

Their preschool days passed with so speeding that they didn’t even realize. The little ones were praying to get the same classes but things rarely go according to plan, right? They were scared what if their days of playing together were now coming to an end. Obviously, kindergarten is a big step for kids and their parents but for these two, it was going to be heartbreaking.

Different Elementary Schools

What came to them as a shock was the truth that they weren’t only in different classes but also in different elementary schools. Although their parents never wished to separate the two they got enrolled in different schools by the board depending on the localities where used to live. Their parents tried to tell them that they’ll still be seeing each other on the weekends. But we have doubts if this will keep their preschool bond alive?