What is the earliest age to fall in love? Do you even remember your first love? Did you even know what love meant at that age? Even when you didn’t know what it is, wasn’t it so pure? Or were you one of those who felt it for the first time during high school or college? Well, whatever has been your past, seeing people going beyond their limits for the sake of their beloved ones is always a beautiful experience.

But what happens when the two people who couldn’t stay without each other forget about all those days completely? This story is certainly going to give an answer to it in a surprising manner…

Met At Preschool

This story started almost 25 years ago when the then 3 years old Matt Grodsky met Laura Scheel for the first time. It was the beginning of their preschool at Phoenix, Arizona, and Matt saw Laura in the playground and wanted to be friends with her. It was so cute when he told his mom about how he wanted the girl to be his friend. His mother had no idea that this 3-year-old boy might never forget this girl for his entire lifetime.

Following Her

After seeing her, Matt started following Laura everywhere she went. The little boy just wanted to be her to talk to him because she looked very sweet to him. Years later, Matt recalled, “I don’t remember the first time I saw her, but she was always a girl who let me follow her around.” It was obvious on Laura’s part to think of Matt as a crazy person.

A Goofball

In the beginning, Laura used to think of Matt as a weirdo but when she started talking to him, she understood how nice a person he is and all he wanted was to make friends. Within a week’s time, they both were the best of friends. They sat together, had lunch together, and played together. They always used to tell about their parents about their friendship and how much they like playing with each other. 


By now, their parents were quite aware of Laura and Matt’s friendship and strong bond. Even their parents got connected and that’s how the pair started seeing each other on the holidays as well. Even their parents found them inseparable at times, they never expected this too last much longer, as they were just kids. 

Movie Time

Whenever their parents used to take Laura and Matt for movies, Matt used to grab Laura’s hands during the scary part. Their picnics were full of games where Matt always let Laura win just see her smiling. A funny four-year-old boy was totally into this best friend of his. Matt used to tell people about how he didn’t miss a chance to tell everyone about it.

Not For Too Long

Time waits for none. The best and worse thing about time is that whether it is good or bad, it passes by at any cost. How long do you think this friendship will last? After all, how often does it happen that you stay in touch with the person you became friends with at your preschool? Rarest of the rare cases, right? So, now you know this wasn’t going to last for too long.