You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice. This statement by Jamaican singer-songwriter, Bob Marley is the most suitable thing to say about today’s story. Teenage is the phase where all of us have done silly things and sometimes even overreacted on smallest of the things that don’t matter anymore; be it a relationship, or a video game, or a basketball match or a break-up.

She was just a 16-year-old girl who fell in love for the first time. But her love life was not even close to the usual ones. The struggles that she went through during that innocent phase were not even close to what we all have experienced. Even a mature person might quit in those terrible situations but she didn’t. Her story is about endless hope and boundless love.

High School Girl

This is the story of Amber Pechal, a resident of Westphalia, Texas was just 16 years old when she faced the most tragic day of her life. Thursday evening of 2nd November 2006 still gives her chills. In her school days, she was an outgoing and talkative girl. However, she has always kept her school assignments and her studies as her priority. And this seriousness still remained when she started dating.

First Time At Dating

Four months before unfateful day took place Amber started dating a boy named Ty Ryan who used to go to a nearby school. Ty and Amber liked each other, however, their relationship was far from love. They both had casual feelings just like any other teen couple but time was going to suck them into a drastic twist.

Taking It Slow

Ty and Amber shared an unsaid understanding of taking it slow. They had it all planned at least that’s what they thought. Neither Ty nor Amber believed in hiding anything from their parents and hence told about their dating each other. Their parents were fine with it as long as it wasn’t impacting their grades. They had a sweet relationship where they went out for movies, discuss diverse topics, read each other’s favorite book and much more.

One Day A Week

They were quite strict with their schedules and met just once a week. So far the young couple succeeded in maintaining a perfect balance between everything and their brand new blooming relationship. No matter how strict one is with their routine everyone love to enjoy a cheat day once a while. We aren’t talking about a cheat day from a diet but from studies… Amber didn’t feel like studying that day and that’s where it all started. 

A Mid-Week Date

Amber decided to text her boyfriend to confirm if he was free that evening and would like to go out to grab a bite and spend some unplanned time together. “I remember sitting in high school chemistry and getting this wild idea of having a ‘during the week’ date with my boyfriend of 4 months. We typically only saw each other on the weekends but I decided to text him and we planned a date for Thursday,” recalled Amber about how she suddenly got the idea for a date.

Last Minute Adjustments

Ty canceled his other plans and agreed for the date. After all, he knew Amber never asked for a mid-week date before. It was the last moment plan that she didn’t even decide where they will go. Amber told him that she’ll give him a call once she’s ready. They planned to meet around 4 that evening.