Holding The Destiny

Luka who stumbled upon something mysterious was stunned to see it. It was actually lying below his feet when he felt something hard. He removed his feet and was about to pick it up but then he stopped. But why didn’t he take a closer look? What do you expect from a 13-year-old boy? Although 13-year-old boys are curious in nature and Luka was too, but still, he was out there in a strange land with his teacher and was looking at something.

Strange Looking Stuff

Luka who kept staring at that mysterious thing and his teacher couldn’t decide if he should touch. He was trying his best to control himself because it was too intriguing. Rene could see from a distance that Luka was confused about something. He waved his hand to see if Luka was alright, but he didn’t look quite okay. Luka? Rene shouted. Rene could see Luka was picking up something.

About To Change The World

Luka picked up that mysterious thing and was holding it as it belongs to him. Rene who was looking at his favorite student from a distance held something on his palm of his hand. What was it? When there was no response from Luka, Rene decided to see for himself. What was going on? Rene thought. He has never seen Luka this confused. He has always come to him in times like these. But now, there he was, standing like a statue.

Did Luka Know?

Luka who loved history knew many things and that too because of his teacher Rene. His teacher has made him learn so many things that made him more and more interested in history. Luka was inspired by the events that have happened in the past that led us to the modern world. Did Luka know about that metal piece he was holding in his hands?

Sir? See What I Found!

Luka who was like hypnotized by that thing didn’t realize that his teacher was just standing behind him. They both were staring at it like it was something magical with powers to hypnotize other people. The duo was completely baffled by the discovery. Luka who sensed his teacher’s presence turned back and gave that mystical thing to his teacher. They wouldn’t have imagined that this piece of metal will lead them to discover something even bigger.

Couldn’t Believe His Eyes

Rene was now holding the stuff in his hands and was staring at it. Luka could see that his teacher was looking baffled just like he was. “Sir?”,”Sir?” Luka shouted. Coming back to his senses, Rene was smiling. And then they both started laughing. They both looked at it again and after a pause laughed again. They were not laughing at the discovery but at their luck. They knew in their heart that there was more.