In life, we often forget that even kids can sometimes be wiser or smarter than adults. We often forget to give them credit for the things they do. We perceive children as the ones that need help. We fail to see that sometimes, they can actually be the ones giving help. Today’s story is about a reserved Texas girl who amazed everyone with just how innovative she was, without asking for anyone’s help.

Rearrange Furniture

Grace Fredericksen Story
It was just like any other day, there was nothing eventful happening at the house. As the day went on, 10-year-old Gracie and her father, Jeff decided to make some changes to their house. They were working around the house, placing the furniture to different positions in her room. Her father was just helping his little girl to make her room look better.


Grace Fredericksen Story
Everything was going smoothly and the two were actually having fun redecorating Gracie’s room. But then, as he was moving an especially heavy armoire, Jeff suddenly collapsed on the floor. Imagine the amount of shock the little girl must have felt when she witnessed her dad pass out right in front of her. She did not know what to do next, rushing beside to, trying to wake him up with no success.

Stumbles and Mumbles

Grace Fredericksen Story
So when the 33-year-old father regained his consciousness, his body was still quite weak. When he opened his eyes, he got to his feet and was, with great effort, able to stumble to the couch. He moved to the sofa so that he could sit down. Even he was completely shocked to see himself become this as he was fine the whole day before moving the furniture. 


So there they were in Gracie’s room, father stumbling in and out of his consciousness while his 10-year-old daughter looks on, confused as to do what next. The little girl was there with her dad as he struggled to gain control over his body. After a few minutes, her instincts finally kicked in and so she realized that she actually needed to call help.

A Huge Problem

Grace Fredericksen Story

So then at that moment, she hurried to call other for help. We all know that these days, even kids always keep with them phones as smartphones have become a good source of entertainment and recreation. She promptly looked for the phone and checked within the room. But as she looked around and checked everywhere, she found a very big problem.

No Phone

Grace Fredericksen Story
As we all know, bad luck tends to pop up whenever we are going through a difficult time. This happened to Gracie as well. When she finally found her phone she realized that cell phone had not been charged at all. In fact, there was no battery life left on her phone. Then, she checked to see if her unconscious dad had his phone with him but his pockets proved to be empty.