“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” though this quote is very popular there are a selected few who actually believe in it in reality. Among these selected few, one is Mihaela Noroc from Romania. She believes,“Global trends make us look and behave the same, but we are all beautiful because we are different. In the end, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the beholder is always somebody else.” It was this thought of hers which made her set on the mission of traveling the whole world and take photos of women from each country in their natural environment. The result of her efforts is remarkable and more beautiful than any Miss Universe pageant!! We have compiled a list of the photos of women she took while traveling across different nations trying to unravel the authentic beauty which currently seems to be sacrificed by the cold fashion experts of Paris or New York…

What Does Beauty Look Like?

Mihaela Noroc is a photographer by profession. Born in Romania, Mihaela developed a passion for capturing the expansive beauty prevailing in all forms of life on this planet through her camera lens from a very young age. She had an innate desire of conveying the message that beholding the right perception can turn everything into a bliss. It was because of this that she set on a mission of documenting portraits of women from different countries all around the world that too in their traditional and natural environment. What you are going to witness in the next slides is an honest and pure attempt by a person to depict how varied female beauty can be. Brace yourself for getting truly mesmerized and charmed…

Tokyo, Japan

The amazingly beautiful young woman in the image is Sayaka. Though, raised in Tokyo, Japan she has Indian and Egyptian origins. Her mixed origin is the prime reason for her possessing that unique charm. The way she is gazing at the image makes her capable of piercing through anyone’s heart. On top of that her luscious dark hair just intensifies that mystic aura around her. Surely, she can knock you to your knees by a mere look.

Grozny, Chechnya

The woman you see in the picture is a model named Linda. She hails from the intriguing city of Grozny in Chechnya. Chechnya is a country located near Russia and is famous for being an amalgam of modern and traditional garb and culture. Linda spent her childhood witnessing the terrifying scenes prevailing in her war-ravaged town with her single mother and sister. Currently, possessing the ambition of becoming a pediatrician she is a figure of confidence, sense of self and of course beauty. She truly justifies the fact that if one’s is strong-willed than even the toughest of obstacles seem easy to cross.

Baltic Sea, Finland

women-around-world-atlas-beauty-mihaela-noroc-30The background of this photo is truly amazing and awe-worthy. The blonde hair of this beautiful woman seems to follow the blowing wind. The woman seems to be enjoying the moment with the color of her dress perfectly complementing the beautiful blue sky behind her. The green color of the floor gives the final touch to what seems to be a perfect natural portrait capturing nature at its best.

Nasir al-Mulk, Iran

women-around-world-atlas-beauty-mihaela-noroc-23Iran is a nation known for possessing a culturally diverse society. This photo is truly divine credits to the traditional setup and the elegance with which this lady has posed before the camera. From the carpet to the dress she is wearing everything seems to be perfectly matching the surroundings. One should not mistake the submissive look on the face of the lady as her weakness as it is only a sign of elegance that she is trying to portray.

El Paico, Chile

women-around-world-atlas-beauty-mihaela-noroc-29This is innocence and natural beauty personified. The big round eyes of this woman seem capable of passing through the soul of anyone looking at it. Her clothes and the presence of no makeup on the face of the girl gives this image a serene and simple look. One can just get an idea of the kind and sweet personality of this girl from this image.


Yes, the most prominent feature in the face of this woman from Mongolia is her eyes which seem to be a little sad. Maybe, it shows the struggle that she had to go through in her past in order to reach where she is now. Her luscious dark hair and pale skin are perfectly complemented by her rosy cheeks. The poise and elegance with which she stands in this picture can make anyone think that she is someone who has a royal background of some sort.

Istanbul, Turkey

The stunning thick and long hair this lady has are a sight to watch on its own. The most magical aspect of this picture is the fierceness of the expression in the face which makes her appear Goddess-like and is bewitching. No doubt, she is one who possesses a tremendous amount of self-confidence which gets amplified from her thick, dark eyebrows. Anyone viewing this picture can do nothing but admire the strong and equally charming personality of this woman.

Stockholm, Sweden

The young woman you see in the picture is Emilia. She hails from the beautiful country of Sweden. Though, young she displays loads of maturity by choosing to ride on a bicycle around the capital as much as possible in order to help in the cause of fighting against the growing danger towards mother nature due to excessive pollution. Mihaela after meeting this woman for a few minutes came to know that she had recently been selected for an integral part in an opera, the pride of which is evident from her face. She is not shy about wearing her pride gracefully and working her way through life in the best way possible.

Izmir, Turkey

Mihaela met this woman while she was strolling on the streets of Turkey. She instantly decided to capture a photo of this woman who seems to be an epitome of natural beauty. Her long, dark, natural hair amazingly contrasts with her light shaded skin tone. Obviously, her eyes seem as if they are talking and telling you a story. The humble and kind nature of this woman is clearly visible in her expressions and way of presenting herself before the camera.

Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a country which had to go through the testing period of civil war before winning independence in the year 1991. Majority of the people living in the country are of ethnic Persian descent and are called “Tajik.” When Mihaela saw this Tajik woman wearing a traditional wedding dress, she couldn’t help herself from capturing the divine sight. The woman in the picture is as graceful as a swan standing poised before the camera. Her eyes seem pretty mysterious and her long dark hair does nothing but add to it. She can easily pose for the cover of any world-class magazine.

Cali, Colombia

This woman is from the South American country of Colombia. She is of Lebanese origin with her charming eyes and freckles acting like a magnet pulling anyone watching towards it. She is seductiveness personified and is capable of giving anyone sleepless nights. Her expressions are in line with the natural pull she possesses. She is a perfect example of the ethnic beauty and diversity that Colombia offers to this world.

Moscow, Russia

women-around-world-atlas-beauty-mihaela-noroc-26This Russian girl seems totally up to the task of seducing anyone who looks at her. The reason for this is her beautiful long hair and stunning blue eyes. The way she is leaning with hands on her cheek seems to be intriguing and weakening. Not to mention, her beautiful dress just adds to the lady’s charm and beauty.

Havana, Cuba

This woman you see in the image is Ana, a model by profession. She was born in Havana, Cuba. Though, in the background there seems to be a lot of activity, but, it is the model who captivates and garners the attention of the viewer. Her extraordinary features are illuminated by the green dress she is wearing. Her typical skin tone, mysterious eyes, and a somewhat hesitant stance combine to make this woman look stunning.

Kaesong, North Korea

We all know that North Korea is fighting a battle within itself. The current dictator regime has managed to completely brainwash the citizens and keep them unaware of the developments in the modern world. But, all this seems to have no effect on this North Korean woman who is wearing a traditional dress while on her way to attend a celebratory event. She seems to be unfazed by the challenges of life and wears her vibrant and beautiful dress with utmost grace. Her eyes seem to question you and skin tone and perfectly combines with her skin tone.

Thessaloniki, Greece

The country of Greece is one having a rich cultural history with the land narrating the stories of the great wars fought on it once. This girl seems to be narrating stories similar stories guessing by the expression on her face. Young and innocent, her bright blue eyes and the color of the sky behind her are no different. This creates a craving in the mind of the viewer to know more about the surroundings and the life of her. She truly shows that beauty comes in diverse kinds.

Taskent, Uzbekistan

women-around-world-atlas-beauty-mihaela-noroc-13The Uzbeks form the largest Turkic group in Central Asia. This woman seems to be a perfect ambassador for them. The reason for me saying so is her characteristic facial feature and confidence in her stance showing the pride with which she holds her tradition and identity. The background adds to the effect and conveys the message of this woman being someone with modern thoughts and approach to living life.

Riga, Latvia

women-around-world-atlas-beauty-mihaela-noroc-8Latvian women are known to be very attractive and you will surely not doubt this statement after watching this image. This blonde beauty can surely pose for the cover of any famous magazine. One can not at all take their eyes off this stunning lady who seems filled with self-confidence.

Tbilisi, Georgia

women-around-world-atlas-beauty-mihaela-noroc-9This woman from Georgia seems to redefine beauty. Her attractive features seem to be quite captivating and instantly attract you towards it. Her expressions seem to be asking you a question and telling a story on its own. Her long luscious hair coupled with her blue dress simply adds to the mystic look of the image.

Amazon Rainforest

women-around-world-atlas-beauty-mihaela-noroc-20When Mihaela was on her trip to the Amazon Jungle in Ecuador, her eyes stuck after witnessing the sight of this expressive young woman. After talking to her, Mihaela came to know that she was a part of Kichwa tribe, who have been living there since hundreds-of-years. The dress she wears is a traditional wedding dress and enables us to see this beautiful lady in a truly natural way. She was married at the age of 15 and can pose a threat to anyone when it comes to displaying beauty.

San Francisco, USA

women-around-world-atlas-beauty-mihaela-noroc-16The woman you see in the image is Sarah and is a model by profession. Mihaela was captured by this wild and raw beauty from San Francisco, USA. Mihaela always says that”beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But the problem is that the beholder is always somebody else.” This is the sole reason for her believing in the diverse nature of beauty which is the theme of this amazing mission she is on.

Arequipa, Peru

This girl named Zafiro, caught Mihaela’s eyes while she was walking on the streets of Peru. Mihaela decided to talk to this girl and know more about her. During her discussion, she came to know that the girl is one of the descendants of the Inca empire. The short talk between the two was followed by Mihaela taking a photo of this girl which you are seeing. No doubt, this girl oozes seductive power and natural beauty in the air.

Omo Valley, Ethiopia

You would have guessed till now that the woman in the photo belongs to a particular tribe. Actually, she lives in Omo Valley, Ethiopia, which houses tribes that have been living in a way humans used to live thousands of years ago. This woman is from Arbore Tribe, who consider nudity completely normal culturally. Yes, this woman is wearing except the beads around her neck and the veil you see in the image which is for protecting her against the sun. Simply beautiful, indeed.

Varanasi, India

This picture was taken in Varanasi, India. The country is known to be of a land of diverse cultures. In the image, this young Hindu pilgrim is making an offering on the famous Ganges River which witnesses tourists from all around the world throughout the year. One cannot help himself from noticing the devotion and innocence with which she presents her offering wearing the bright colored cloth which she wears around her head. She represents a combination of beauty and grace.

Bucharest, Romania

This photo would surely have been special for the photographer as it is of a girl belonging to the same hometown of Bucharest, Romania as hers. In an instant, one can get an idea that the girl is in her youth, vibrant, and completely au naturel. The best thing about this image is the fact that it captures natural beauty which can captivate anyone witnessing it. The photographer has managed to show us something truly Romanian.

Yangon, Myanmar

This image comes from the serene nation of Myanmar. The beautiful woman in this image is named Yu Kyi. Mihaela decided to photograph her in one of the most significant Buddhist temples in the world. The divine aura and tremendous calm are easily visible in this picture. From the expression on the face of the lady, one can only get an idea of the boldness hidden amidst all the serenity in her soul.

Guangzhou, China

This image is beautiful in more than one ways. As it truly captures the miracle of life. Mihaela took a photograph of this lady in Guangzhou, China. The woman was with her mother and husband and was going to the hospital in order to welcome a beautiful child on this planet. The joy of going to become a mother is evident from the face of the woman and her hands portray the protective nature she has developed for her child.

Zürich, Switzerland

Now, this one is the icing on the cake. This woman named Elisabeth is an 83-year-old ceramic artist. Born in Zürich, Switzerland she developed a passion for the art simply by just looking at others doing it. No sign of fatigue or hopelessness can be seen on her face. The reason being that she is completely satisfied with her life and continues to remain so by working hard. Her dress truly depicts her vibrant and creative personality. An epitome of natural beauty.

Maori from New Zealand

One can’t help but get attracted towards the captivating eyes of this beautiful woman. From the setup of this photo to the dress she is wearing everything is divine and intriguing in this image. The unique feathered clothing compliments her skin tone and the mysterious look lingering on her face. Surely, one would be left wanting to know more about this lady after watching her. The traditional clothes she is wearing is one that Maori people wear.

Kathmandu, Nepal

From the land of the great Mount Everest, this photo is capable of enchanting you in every way possible. The major credit to it goes to the meticulous and marvelous way the photographer has created the setup. The woman gives a dark and intriguing stare to the camera leaving everybody pondered. The openness with which she sits with her bare feet is in beautifully contrasting with her clothes giving a traditional feel to the photo.


While on her trip to Ethiopia, Mihaela saw this woman cleaning a hotel room. She didn’t waste a single moment in clicking this beautiful and raw photo of her. This image is a proof of the fact that beauty is everywhere, one should just have the zeal to look for it. The confidence and the raw beauty of the woman are oozing in this image. The tattoos and a perfect Ethiopian look is enough to take anyone’s breath away.

Milan, Italy

Interestingly, when Mihaela first approached this model named Laile, she refused to get photographed saying that she wasn’t that beautiful. But, Mihaela boosted her with the much-needed confidence and the result is in front of you in the form of this image. Once, Laile decided to stay true to herself, even the assumed flaws turned out become her greatest strength and a reason for us to the admire this photo.

Tibetan Plateau, China

women-around-world-atlas-beauty-mihaela-noroc-11The woman you see in the image is a typical nomad living on Tibetan Plateau who are known in the local language as “drokpa.” The serenity and the calmness in the breeze flowing in the plateau are getting reflected from the expressions on the face of this woman. The traditional clothes coupled with the look on her face seems to be welcoming everyone to come and experience life there.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

women-around-world-atlas-beauty-mihaela-noroc-21This photo comes from the land of carnivals. The most interesting feature of this photo is that it is way far from depicting the joyous nature of the Brazilian people which is a very common sight when it comes to describing Brazil. This photo captures the mystical beauty of this woman that too in a truly normal setup with no extravagance.

Mexico City, Mexico

women-around-world-atlas-beauty-mihaela-noroc-25This lady adorned with traditional Mexican dress oozes the distinct culture which this nation is known to possess. This image just goes on to show that this country known for its exquisite cuisines is unique and beautiful in each and every aspect. The intriguing look on the face of this women the prime reason of which is her seductive eyes are mesmerizing. The design of her dress conveys the vibrant side of the Mexican culture.

Oxford, UK

women-around-world-atlas-beauty-mihaela-noroc-15Britishers have a unique and kind of a royal way of living their life. The best fact is that this nature of theirs does not stop them from being someone living their life to the fullest even it demands something crazy. The woman in this image truly shows that as her dress combined with the background give a totally systematic feel to the image. But, the expressions on her face though, formal is not able to hide the rebellious nature in her.

Little India, Singapore

women-around-world-atlas-beauty-mihaela-noroc-12This image was taken in Little India which is an ethnic district in one of the most popular tourist nation, Singapore. The woman dressed in her traditional clothes shows her erotic nature with complete boldness. One can notice in the background men standing in their ethnic wear which gives a more natural look to the image. The jewelry and the vibrant clothes ooze a sense of activity in the air.

Otavalo, Ecuador

women-around-world-atlas-beauty-mihaela-noroc-7This picture is simply serene and calm in the background with a striking image of this lady sitting boldly wearing a traditional dress. This image is from Ecuador where women are believed to take the more primary role in the family when it comes to raising kids taking care of the family as a whole. Probably, this is the reason for the typical expression on the face of this lady.

New York, USA

women-around-world-atlas-beauty-mihaela-noroc-6This woman who hails from the rustling and bustling city of New York seems to stop time. She is bold and looks amazing in the black outfit she is wearing as it is perfectly complementing her skin tone. She is poised and seems totally free to unravel her real self. Her long dark hair is the icing on the cake and completes this picture.

Sydney, Australia

women-around-world-atlas-beauty-mihaela-noroc-2This Aussie beauty is ravishing in the natural environment in which she is captured by the photographer. Her blue dress matches the color of the ocean behind her. The beauty of the girl is truly complemented by mother nature. Her luscious hair seems to intertwine with the breeze flowing past her.